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  • The Americanization of Absolutely Fabulous…

    The original Patsy and Eddie and the new American duo

    AbFab 2 USA – UK = ???…

    How can you not love the comic genius of Absolutely Fabulous – the British TV show, that is? Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley created two of the most iconic, wacky, yet very real fashionable nut jobs that you swear you must know, or are least the friend of a friend.

    Admittedly, I’m not an avid sitcom watcher yet a decade and a half later I can still find myself quoting lines from Ab Fabfashmagslag that I am!


    Well, once again Patsy and Edina (that’s Pats and Eddie for mates) will be recreated as an American TV show.

    The Daily Mail gives us a peek at the new duo, pictured left. I’m afraid that from the looks of things “Sweetie, darling” is becoming “Sure ’nuff, sugar,” if you get my drift. The fabulous Lacroix is starting to look a bit more like the thrift basket at Trashy Lingerie. If this is what Pats and Eddie are wearing, what will dear Bubble look like?

    Meow, meow, I know. But Absolutely Fabulous is about friendly bitchiness, and this wardrobe really looks like a “no fun zone!

    The American Absolutely Fabulous stars Kristen Johnson and Kathryn Hahn and the production is overseen by the folks who brought us the sitcom that always seems to be playing on my flights, Two-And-A-Half-Men— please, please let them leave Charly Sheen’s camp shirts and skanklets (skanky anklets) behind. Jennifer Saunders is the executive producer, so let’s hope the writing will be brilliant and the characters will maintain their natural zaniness. Fingers, toes, and eye crossed.

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