Gilty Pleasure: Gold fashion is back on track…

From tacky to trendy, gold rocks a new look for spring

Gold fashion trend, the Gilty Pleasure: Gold is back on the fashion track.
From tacky to trendy, gold rocks a new look for spring.

When it comes to fashion rules, make yours golden!

It’s been quite a while since gold seems right. The gleaming metallic which once gave way to memories of 80’s overload, gypsy nights, or visions of one-arm bandit devotees wearing their lucky sequin tunic isright on trend as one of spring’s gilty (pun very intended) pleasures– of course, when worn in just the right modern way.

We like a touch of gold as an accent to something more subdued, rather than to blazon oneself in full-out Goldfinger.

Gold takes a more modern, unexpected feel when paired with white or a light color rather than black– it is the must-have accent to a simple spring wardrobe.

We particularly love the high-contrast way an otherwise formal metallic is paired with distressed khaki for a dollop of golden richness at the Spring 09 Ralph Lauren fashion show to create an unexpected and easy-going vibe. Glammed up safari chic is a fantastic launch point to think of the new way to add the gold trend to your wardrobe without looking overly dressed-up or over done.

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Adding accents of something as bold as gold is a quick way to update your wardrobe. Think of modern ways to incorporate a dose of gold bullion to revitalize what you have and get more bang out of your fashion buck.

Something as simple as a gold tote immediately adds freshness to last year’s big prints. A strappy gold sandal that sits atop a cork or wooden wedge adds nonchalant, slightly understated, glamour to spring’s muted pastels, or even a frayed pair of jeans.

If you are feeling a bit skittish about forgoing silver, look for bags and shoes that combine both metallics in a single item.

— March 12, 2009

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