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  • Ankle Bracelet Dilemma… Wrap it Up or Wrap it Under

    Ankle Bracelet Dilemma... Wrap it Up or Wrap it Under

    Q:Ankle Bracelet Dilemma… Wrap it Up or Wrap it Under

    I am hoping you can settle a debate. I am wondering what is the proper way to wear an anklet. My cohort believes that it is acceptable to wear an anklet underneath stockings, where I believe it is not. And though I may be willing to concede that it is OK to wear an anklet under nude stockings, (however begrudgingly) I believe it is NEVER OK to wear an anklet under colored stockings. Am I wrong? Please advise. (Hyde Park, MA)


    There are those who are fans of wearing anklets, also known as ankle bracelets. Then there are those who simple just don’t see them as being a particularly chic form of self-adornment. Unfortunately for you, ankle bracelets are not our cup of tea.

    A simple ankle wrap of a leather ribbon and ethnic beads can be a cute beachy teen accessory, but as far as silver, gold, or diamond ankle bracelets worn with business or dress attire, that’s off our style barometer. The idea of a smooched up ankle bracelet worn under stockings of any color is particularly nasty. If you must wear one, do so with bare legs.

    –May 11, 2003

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