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    Punk Princess… How to Look Like a Rock Star The eighties fashion edge rocks back

    How to Look Like a Rock Star The eighties fashion edge rocks back

    You either have a punk edge or you don’t, even if you are only a rocker chick in your dreams

    Dear Sharon: I’m noticing a littler rocker chick, punk thing happening in fashion. I love the idea but I don’t really want a total "I’m with the band" look.


    How can I get that punky edge without looking like I’m wearing a costume for an early eighties revival night? — Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Akron, OH)

    Dear Sheena: Punk fashion is the comeback that never went away. If you ask any passerby on St. Marks Place, they’ll tell you that punk never died, only Sid and Nancy. However, it has taken a couple of decades for rocker chick chic to make it back to mainstream fashion, and it’s screaming hot louder than Siouxie and the Banchees!


    Punk is more than music, it’s an attitude! You either have a punk edge or you don’tů even if you are only a rocker chick in your dreams.

    No amount of eyeliner and shaggy hair will give you "the look" if you spend your time yearning for Yanni. From the spring collections, onwards to next fall,fashion designers are infatuated with that Chrissie Hynde-JoanJett-Mudd Club kind of tough girl cool.

    If you want to get the rock star reference in your wardrobe but don’t know where to start, just repeat: Something black, something white, something buckled, something bold stripe.
    Then, go for the detailsů

    The skinny leg look prevails– clothing cuts must show your body but be slightly askew to have some edge.


    Banish gold, go for chrome- Don’t skimp, there is no such thing as too many heavy metal zippers or rows of silver studs.

    Black opaque tights– Chop ’em off mid-calf to wear under a mini or pair them with any obviously offbeat white, red, or pink shoes.

    Sensible shoes need not apply- Pointy flats, 60’s spikes, dominatrix stilettos, pirate boots, two-tone big sole Elvis cockroach killers, bright Converse sneaks, or checkered Van’s classics.


    Kiss your flares good-bye- It’s all about long and lean drain pipe pants. Go for leather, some bondage buckles, pirate stripes, or classic rock black super-skinny jeans.

    The only thing girly is the girl- forget frou-frou, it’s graphic muscle T’s with dissident messages, like "rock the system" from JPG Jeans, or spray paint on your own personal graffiti.

    Color is cool– Think puce, chartreuse, neon pink, clear red, dark turquoise, or royal blue always accented by black and a touch of white.

    Systematically hacked hair with long, shaggy bangs, some rich pigment Manic Panic streaks, or a modern Mohawk.

    Black eyeliner and a cool pair of shades for when the sun comes up.

    A million rubber bracelets or studded wrist cuff.

    Punk is all about making your own mark against the restrictions of the establishment. Whatever you wear, wear it with individuality! Rock on.

    –April 27, 2003

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