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  • Anna Sui Fall 2011 Runway Review


    New York Fashion Week Highlight: Lively & wearable- you couldn’t have more sweet fun dressing up!

    Anna Sui has a great ability to always channel a 60’s hippie vibe along with a 60’s rock vibe and a bit of country thrown in for the good girls.


    Her Fall 2011 collection didn’t disappoint in any of these areas and continues to stay strong in the bold, bright prints, wacky accessories – the cat hat – and a high element of girliness.

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    The palette is bold, but with muted colors that when placed on top of one another give us the bright prints.

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    There was a constant rotation of style so if that psychedelic butterfly tunic doesn’t work for you, maybe your next option will be a crisp, plaid skirt and blazer combo more along the Mary Tyler Moore route. Or perhaps it’s the long ditzy floral, prairie dress.

    The outerwear wasn’t too reliable with the exception of an oversize wool plaid utility coat with a stripe sweater knit pieced into the sleeves and back and a fur trimmed hood.

    All the prints are lively and wearable if you like to go for a statement with your dresses, and given the silhouette likely has ruffles, you couldn’t have more sweet fun with dressing up!

    Chunky furs over short and flouncy mini dresses gave of the feeling of a bohemian groupie looking to impress. And the fun tights and socks with placed prints and colorful intarsias added a distinct styling element to play with. Overall fun dressing with this collection, which should be the point behind fashion— Alix Kivlin, words & photos

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