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  • Betsey Johnson Fall 2011 Runway Review


    New York Fashion Week Highlight: Fashion is nonsense and should be fun and exercised with creativity and joy. Betsey gets that right year after year.

    If you can see a fashion show, this is hands down the one to get into.

    Betsey Johnson is a performance piece, not just fashion.

    And not just the Fall 2011 collection, but every single one of ’em. The music is revved, the models are dancing down the runway, the crowd is excited and let’s not forget Betsey’s infamous cartwheel finale! Now onto the clothing portion.

    But wait, first the super radical hair and shoes.

    The platinum ombre sprayed on the black hair with precise black lace stencil – radical. The open toe, super stiletto combat booties were also nothing short of radical.

    As for the fashion, it’s always an over-stimulation of color, miss matching prints, and a CBGB rocker meets the sweetest bohemian. And somehow nearly every look, every season is splashed with animal prints.

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    Let’s don’t even bother with a color palette because I believe every Crayola color is being used here and being able to wear color is emboldening and takes risk. Something we all should do. Is this wearable? Certainly not. Unless you’re Betsey.

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    But when a look is deconstructed there are plenty of great pieces to wear with perhaps a solid pair of tights rather than magenta leopard printed ones. I have two favorite dresses – a pink floral with handkerchief hem and a blue floral with full ruffled hem.

    Each of these worn alone would be beautiful.

    The black studded cropped motorcycle jacket with a tiger print on the back is a winning piece and could be worn with leopard even, as on the runway, or with skinny black jean and t-shirt.

    Once again I will note the easy fit and strapless jumpsuit here which I love just as is and is a very flattering silhouette.

    Completely unwearable, but great regardless, are the pop color plaid with animal print combination, the bright purple and black lace bustier dress with super naughty center front opening, leather bike shorts with ties up the side…just to name a few!

    But that’s the point, fashion is nonsense and should be fun and exercised with creativity and joy. Betsey gets that right year after year. — Alix Kivlin, words & photos

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