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  • Anti-Aging Beauty Tips: Younger Looking Hands

    According to a recent study, people thought photos of hands with polish and jewelry looked younger

    Get the Upper Hand on Looking Young…

    Hands can show your age, that’s not news, but there are some new ways to get – and keep – your hands looking younger. Even some 30-something celebrities have been photographed and ridiculed in the press and online because of their “claw-like” hands. It’s easy to forget about hands because you’re usually looking at yourself from the chest up in the mirror, but just a few extra minutes and some quick shortcuts can take years off your hands.

    Tips For Younger Looking Hands:

    1) Lose the blues. I found this tip by accident one day while experimenting with SPF lotions. Tinted sunscreen does double duty when it comes to your hands. Not only does it protect your hands from sun damage, but the tint actually gives a subtle youthfulness to hands by camouflaging blue veins.

    2) Instantly younger hands. Another quick way to lose years from your hands is with polish and jewelry. According to a recent study, people thought photos of hands with polish and jewelry looked younger than the same hands without the polish and jewelry.

    3) See a professional. While you’re getting a facial, ask your aesthetician to gently do a “facial” on the tops of your hands too! Also, doctors can use injectables such as Juvederm or Restylane to plump up spindly, bony hands.

    4) Thank the DMV. Since the inception of airbags in cars, the Department of Motor Vehicles has been recommending people use the lower portion of the steering wheel to drive so if the airbag deploys, it won’t break your arms or cause your arms to punch you in the face. This keeps your hands out of the windshield’s direct sun, yahoo!

    5) TLC. Your hands are constantly working overtime, so why not give them a little TLC while you’re sleeping? Pick up a pair of those little cotton gloves you can buy at your nearest bed and bath store, slather some raw, organic coconut oil into your hands and sleep with the gloves on. Your hands with be oh-so-soft in the morning!

    You gotta “hand” it to me, these tips are super easy, so remember to look below the mirror and keep those hands looking as young as the rest of you.

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