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  • Anti-Aging Beauty Tips: The Inside Scoop on Aging Backwards


    How to stay fresh and vital when it’s too hot to go outside…

    Summer can be a real scorcher in many parts of the country. No matter where you live, storms of some sort are also a reality.
    When you’re stuck inside, there are a number of ways to take advantage of the time and keep (or start) Aging Backwards.

    Here are some indoor tips for when Mother Nature keeps you cooped up inside.

    Aging Backwards Indoor Tips

    1) Jump rope. I always keep a jump rope or two in the house. Jumping rope is one of the best exercises you can do for Aging Backwards. Experts say that “interval” exercise, or doing several sets of raising your heart rate and then recovering, is the best way to work out. It’s typical for the electricity to go out during a storm. Jumping rope requires no electricity, compared with a treadmill, but don’t do it in the dark because you may trip over the rope.

    2) Do push-ups. Another great exercise you can do without electricity! Push-ups are excellent for firming and toning the upper body. Ladies, they really target the chest muscles…Push-ups actually strengthen your abdominal muscles as well, because of the “plank” position you’re in when you do them. Besides requiring no electrical power, push-ups can even be done in the dark.

    3) Apply a facial mask. I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the go and I use that as an excuse for not doing a mask because it takes too long. Well, when you’re stuck inside during a heat wave or storm, you have plenty of time for that mask. You can even do it in the dark, just avoid the eye area. If the power is out, you may not have hot water, but there’s usually some left in the tank and you should always use cooler water to rinse your face anyway.

    4) Solve a crossword puzzle. Keep a book of crosswords in the house (and a flashlight with extra batteries for unexpected power outages during a storm). Working a crossword puzzle will not only “train your brain,” but it will also keep your mind off the fact that you’re stuck indoors.

    5) Try journal writing. Writing down your thoughts and feelings could help you get clarity in your life. It may also help you to organize your plans and goals. If nothing else, it will keep your mind occupied so time passes more quickly while you’re stuck inside.

    So, the next time you find yourself stuck indoors, whether it’s just too hot to go outside or a summer storm has whipped up, remember that it’s a good time to focus on you. Jackie Silver, Aging Backwards

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