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  • Retail Remedy: Venice Window Shopping, Italian Early Fall Preview


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    Or, how I spent my summer vacation, Part Due…

    Venice is quite the chic shopping mecca with Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Zegna, Hermes, Chanel, and almost any luxury brand that you can think of in the vicinity of the ubiquitous Carnevale masks and Murano millifiore glass chotseka tourist shops.

    Yes, there are some rather major contemporary glass shops thrown in the mix, but it is heaven for the figurine junkie!

    We’ve looked at what’s in store for summer in the Venice shop windows, now for a peek at the fall clothes that are starting to trickle in.

    The humidity continued to soar thus making it rather uncomfortable to want to try on that winter black pleated back Max Mara coat and the curlicue gloves, pictured left. I’m sure that they will turn up in another city when there’s a bit of breeze in the air.

    Venice is so highly populated with international tourists that you really need to look hard to see a true Venetian strutting the gorgeous wears that abound.

    Take at fast look at our photo gallery and see what’s in stock now.

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    Venice Early Fall Fashion Windows:

    (please click on photo to enlarge image)

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