Applied Authenticity – Women’s Entrepreneur Network Talk with Leadership Girl Haley Lynn Gray

Sometimes knowing how to be authentic in business & life can get confusing.

I’m talking about mastering Applied Authenticity on a Facebook Live with Leadership Girl, Haley Lynn Gray founder of the Women’s Entrepreneur Network, over 61,000 strong!

Behind the scenes of my Wyoming living room too!

Applied Authenticity

Fake. Real. Applied Authenticity!!! How to do it?

Thrilled to be on this livestream talking about Applied Authenticity in your business and brand with Haley Lynn Gray…. and the Women’s Entrepreneur Network and….the Leadership Girl community in anticipation of the Leadershipgirl Live Summit!!!!


Let’s continue this conversation in person!

I’ll be speaking about “The 7 Second Solution: How to create headshots that position you to get high-level clients” at the Leadership Girl Live Summit.