How to dress comfortably when you work from home [Quick Tips Video]

ow to dress comfortably when you work from home

When you work from home you want to dress comfortably yet still be somewhat polished.

It’s so easy to fall into the PJ’s all day trap but studies show that you will be more productive if you are wearing more professional apparel. The actual style should be aligned and on brand for what you do.

I’m not saying wear a suit, and my work from home dress style is pretty casual, verging on a uniform,  but chose pieces that you can easily style up for success.

Watch the video for tips…

Tips mentioned in the video to dress comfortably when you work from home …

  1. Be Barefoot- I really should say wear comfortable shoes, but although I own about a couple of hundred pairs of shoes I am almost always barefoot at home. Somehow being barefoot makes me feel less like I’m ‘working’ and more like I’m being creative.
  2. Wear Loose Clothes– I’m not talking about Debbie Downer schumply clothes, but clothing that isn’t restrictive and doesn’t make you feel like you need to sit “just so” so it doesn’t wrinkle. I’m a big fan of Zara for comfy, affordable, trend focused pieces that work well with my designer clothes when I go out.
  3. Jeans- It’s just my thing. I’m comfortable in them and I am able to instantly dress them up with fab shoes and a structured jacket when I need to get dressed up in a hurry. Jeans are the most egalitarian item of clothing, you can instantly dress them up or dress them down.
  4. T-Shirts- Another go-to basic with jeans. Mine are almost always white, gray or black but the body shape changes. Wrap a scarf around your neck (so French), add a few layered necklaces, half-tuck into your jeans, and pop on a sweater or blazer and you suddenly go from basic layer to an essential core wardrobe piece.
  5. The Art of Layering- You may have noticed by now that I’m a big fan of adding and removing layers to switch out my look an instantly go from “at home comfy” to professional and stylish. Start with a base tank top and add a shirt with cool sleeves or a cropped sweater or an off the shoulder tunic. Don’t forget a great topper like a great blazer or perfect coat (best fashion foil for cooler months). I record a lot of spontaneous videos and webcams with clients, which makes layering my go-to secret from looking polished in a snap.
  6. Light Makeup + Great Haircut- I’m not gonna lie, there are plenty of days where I don’t wear makeup, but they are not my best days.  Having a simple skin care and light makeup routine make you feel more polished and have that certain glow.  After moisturizing, concealer, brow color, super light foundation, blush, smudgy liner and mascara take under 5 minutes and make a world of difference to my mood and appearance. I’ll add a natural lipstick color if I go out or have a webcam. The best way to look polished with little effort is to start with a good haircut!
  7.  Cool Glasses-  Let’s face it, your glasses are your #1 accessory and pretty much a part of you as you wear them most of the time, so make sure they flatter you! You can find out more in this video.

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