The Art of the In-Between: Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garcons at The Costume Institute

What would your life look like if you saw The Art of the In-Between in your every day life?

I’ve been pondering this idea as a metaphor since I saw a sneak peek of the Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons exhibition at The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art earlier today.

The Art of the In-Between is the exhibition name which examines the “in-betweenness’ of Kawakubo’s collections… meditations of the endless possibilities for creation and re-creation in the disruptive way that expands the norm of “regular” fashion.|

The preview was particularly quiet and reflective, as if each guest was pondering the meticulous beauty of inspiration as well as their own personal reflection on how they see art in their life.

This magnificent challenge of societal ideas of “normal” dress has me thinking about a few women that I’ve spoken with lately who are interested in creating their personal brand.

Women who owned their own business and were toying with the idea of elevating yet still afraid to take their next step…

  • Women who are afraid to be seen as a leader.
  • Women who would rather remain hiding in the mundaneness stained by the fear of possibility.
  • Women who would rather be paralyzed by the openness of what if.
  • Women too stagnated to challenge themselves to strive for their dreams but rather hide in the mediocrity of safeness.
  • Women who blatantly hide than step into their STAR power.

These are women who are smart, savvy, ambitious but lack the courage to say yes to themselves. It really saddens me to see fear take over ingenuity.

You see inspiration wherever you go, when you let yourself be open. Take that as your cue to find the art of the in-between. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities it brings. If you want to step into your star power, please reach out to my team for a consultation.


Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons
Art of the In-Between
The Costume Institute
The Metropolitan  Museum of Art
New York, NY
May 4 – September 4, 2017