Eyeglass Dont’s: What eyeglasses to wear if you want to not look old [Quick Tips Video]

Eyeglass Don'ts

When it comes to wearing glasses, I’m sure you want to wear eyeglasses that make you look younger or at least glasses that don’t make you look old.

So, what’s with the rimless glasses and farty, dated frames?

Here’s the thing, the financial expense of a good pair of prescription eyeglasses is actually in the prescription itself and not the frame. So by not modernizing your frame and skimping on style, you are creating an impression of not being particularly up-to-date or relevant in your abilities.

By ignoring what your glasses say about you, you are actually making a bolder statement that you really don’t care much about detail… not exactly the impression you want to make in your business.

If you don’t believe how much frumpier the wrong pair of glasses makes you look, just watch me trying on some fuglies in today’s Quick Tip.

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