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    Ask a Gay Man

    Divalicious Fashion Advice with a Twang. Ask a Gay Man fashion videos by William Sledd on YouTube.

    William Sledd was probably playing with Pound Puppies (oh, is that a Versace dog collar?!) when I was starting out as a stylist.

    And almost from the get go of my style career, fabulousness all aside, I felt that fashion really wasn’t connecting to the everyday person as frankly as it could. That’s why I started my syndicated fashion advice column and then, eventually this web site, but you should know my pedigree by now and my need to keep it real.

    Only yesterday, I was glancing at a fairly mass-appeal ‘fashion’ column which offered some double duh, lightbulb-popping style advice, like if you want to look great in photos don’t wear wrinkled clothing… and some group is actually publishing this. Mind-boggling.


    Then, there’s this guy, William Sledd, in Paducah, KY who is a Gap employee with a camera and editing skills and who puts together these thoroughly refreshing, in your face fashion videos on YouTube that are hysterical, honest, and hit the heartland where it hurts the most, right in the gut of their reverse fit jeans! “Mom jeans are the devil,” he opines.

    “Ask a Gay Man,” particularly the Denim Edition with the adorable co-host Stephanie, is like a bite of an energy bar in the middle of the day, you get the rush, but want more. Oh, did I mention that at press time, he is the 4th most subscribed to director on YouTube?

    Bravo, baby!!! William, you rock.


    –April 19, 2007

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