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    Convert backless shoes into chic and strappy footwear

    Muleos backless shoe contverter. Stylish shoe accessory strap to convert a pair of mules into strappy sandals.

    Come on, just say the dual shoe mule ten times fast. Just try to say it without tripping up. I dare you.

    Ok, you won’t trip as much as when the hem of your wide-leg pants gets caught in your mules. Or, what if you commit the nasty fashion faux pas of wearing pantyhose with backless shoes? Besides looking ugly, your feet slip with every attempted step. What about when your foot hangs off the back of the slide like a drag queen trying to make good on borrowed shoes? Then, there’s that clitter-clatter down the hallway or clunk-clunk down the stairs… nothing like wearing shoes which turn you into a one woman marching band.

    There are mule wearing women and then there’s the rest.

    No surprise, I’m not the biggest fan of skinny heeled mules, particularly the pointy toe variety. However, sandal type slides have decidedly more style oomph. The mostly mediocre mules are typically an overrated and ungainly attempt to look hot for women who could otherwise use a few extra style tips. Mainly, mules are a big shout out to affirm, “I am middle-aged, stuck in a fashion rut, and these half-naked shoes should make me feel alluring”.

    Yet, even I get swayed from time to time.

    Admittedly, there are a few barely worn, half decade old, designer mules and slides floating around in my shoe closet— a glaring reminder to never ignore your gut instinct and to always seek out more interesting and modern footwear. And, then along came Muleos…

    This fun shoe accessory acts as either a sexy ankle wrap or chic criss-cross strap to convert the once boring backless mule into a revamped, sexy new shoe. Simply tie Muleos on and you’ve instantly doubled-up your shoe styles. Slide one on and you’ll never fall back.

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    –April 26, 2007

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