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  • Baby Got Back(less)- Mules are Back! How to Wear Them


    Slides, mules, clogs-that oh so familiar clank-clank sound of backless shoes, have once again come around the fashion merry-go-round and are on every must-have ‘IT’ list for spring. Are you ready?

    No, its NOT the slippery slides that the khaki-clad capri pant crowd refuse to give up. These mules stand tall, strong and have an architectural point of view.

    Sure, tracing the backless shoe since their sensual beginings as the footwear of choice for pin-up girls and the like does sound rather enticing minus the modern-day connotations they tend to bring to mind.

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    From Floridian retirees to country clog kickin’ folk to escorts, madame’s and the ilk, what we’ve recently come to think of as an instant ‘no thank you’ option seems rather fresh this time around. They give you a lift and elongate the leg, they can keep a majority of your foot covered when sandals expose just too much, and they can be rather comfortable to boot.

    With that in mind, we’ve considered the best tricks to make them easily work for you sans reference…

    • Take Louis Vuitton’s brogue/mule hybrid (above) and look for a closed toe option with cut-outs for ample coverage during warmer months
    • Think about adding a brilliantly printed sock or tight for a make-’em notice entrance
    • Forgo platforms all around as the heavier the sole the louder a sound can be made, and the same goes for if they make your feet look wide
    • Practice makes perfect as you need a light step
    • Avoid kitten heels, lucite and brass heels, thinly banded front straps and anything too feminine as the best options we saw this season have a thoroughly modern, urbane essence to them


    We’ve pulled some stylthish mules and slides to shop right now:

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