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  • Back to Old School- Backpacks, Rucksacks, Knapsacks, call it what you want, but they are super stylish now


    Back at YOU– no longer reserved for students & tourists, the backpack is making it’s fashion statement again.

    Not since we all became stylishly exhausted from the ubiquitous 90’s nylon Prada backpack, have they made such a strong fashion statement- not to mention, impossible to keep again in stock these days.

    Alexander Wang - Sydney Velvet Backpack at ShopBop

    Alexander Wang – Sydney Velvet Backpack at ShopBop

    Maybe it’s the return of 90’s minimalism that’s trending now.

    Maybe it’s that a backpack makes absolute sense when navigating the urban jungle on a bike.

    But from Euro street style to hot off the runways (see the Alexander Wang knapsack that we love, right), the backback is looking so right these days.

    Erogonomics aside, the right backpack needs to look right on you! Afterall, it’s all about how the bag’s shape plays with your rear.

    Consider the knapsack’s proportion and where the pack sits on your back.

    • Ladies (and gents) with larger read ends, stay clear of mini backpacks as they only emphasize a less than tiny tush.
    • Broad shoulders? Opt for a bag with straps that are over an inch wide and alvoid the skimpy strap variety.

    It almost goes without saying, but short of the hipster school kid look, avoid travel packs if you are aiming to look chic. There are so many designer backpacks hitting stores now, that there really is no excuse. Take a peek…

    We pulled some of these super stylish backpacks for you to look at at:

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