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  • Hamptons Gossip and the Best Early Halloween Costumes- It’s Two of a Strange and Dishy Kind

    Bad Hair Days for a DC Queen and the Princess of Morning Televison

    Brad Boles is still on the loose making and collecting gossip in the Hamptons before the summer season comes to an end.

    Brad did take some time away from the luxe set to fine-tune some Halloween costumes that are about to hit the stores. It may seem early for you to start thinking about what will be the biggest Halloween costumes trends but if you look in the aisle next to school supplies, you’ll see that Halloween costumes are already hitting the shelves in the big box stores!
    I always say, you better look good becuase ‘ya never when that costumed photo of you will reappear… Case in point: The costumed photo of Brad and me below. We still look super glam and crazy fabulous too! — S.H.

    Queen on Queen…

    Polo finished its sixth week with some Miami heat and that dreadful queen from the Real Housewives of DC. His name fails me, but between the skinny-leg jeans and the flash dance t-shirt, I thought my metrosexual friend Rob Siegel was going to loose it…and he did! I’m not sure if Rob has recovered from this all-to-recent episode.

    early James Brown

    early James Brown

    But, we have to talk about the DC queen’s hair thing: think Dionne Warwick! Dark back and frosted front piece combed over, looking a lot like a very fem version of James Brown. And what about shine? Honey, has he ever heard of blotting paper? I don’t recommend you guys out there try this look. It doesn’t work in the Hamptons and sure as h**l doesn’t work in DC!

    I will say though, that seeing Nacho Figueroa helped to sooth my nerves. He’s the sweetest guy on the planet and his wife Delphinia is so sexy. She rocked the look at polo!

    The beautiful morning talk show princess…

    The following day proved to be much softer on the eyes at The Hampton Classics. I ran into Kelly Rippa and her beyond-gorgeous husband, Mark Consuelo. The good thing about going out with a metrosexual is that there’s no competition when one vies for someone’s attention!

    Kelly is as funny in person as Mark is hot! I ran into them boating a few weeks back with Bravo’s very own Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper (I guess she likes her guests to have matching initials). Just think. They would never have to change the monograms. And how was your weekend!

    Blast from Halloween Past: Sharon and I hit the streets for a Halloween party a million years ago! We're on the far right. My white silk Hammer pants and her bronze Betsey Johnson dress look modern, still.

    Blast from Halloween Past: Sharon and I hit the streets for a Halloween party a million years ago! We’re on the far right. My white silk Hammer pants and her bronze Betsey Johnson dress look modern, still.

    It’s early Halloween! Guess what the top costumes will be?

    I’m in Halloween mode as I consult for a very famous costume manufacturer! It’s very interesting how this market also follows trends and headlines.

    Sarah Plain mask that won’t go away

    For instance, in these politically challenging times, younger women are choosing sexy, short, flirty costumes, while the market is moving to more adult and conservative gimmick costumes such as Sarah Palin and George Bush. This year, you’re going to see more Lady Gaga then you’ll know what to do with!

    Paris Hilton will resurface after her recent run-in with the law and anything to do with vampires is already shipping (specialty drinks are already being created to resemble blood)! Sherlock Holmes you will see in doubles at any party as well as the heeled flapper (think Dancing with the Stars) Pamela Anderson.

    My Halloween costume advice to be ahead of the crowd:

    Get creative and go as a glamorous old Hollywood star, or as a Bond lady! For guys, if you have a great body, Hugh Hefner always works or James Bond coming out of the shower in a white towel (think Mick Steamy – did you hear that Rob – hint hint)!
    Or you could always go as me, Jill’s Gay Husband! I had enough outrageous outfit changes on the show to choose from! Before you know it Halloween will be here, so start planning!

    Rob Siegel has got a thing or two to say about hair this week, as well as some great ideas on guy’s Halloween costumes:

    Rob Siegel, the metrosexual preener, dressed as Slash from Guns 'N Roses

    Rob Siegel, the metrosexual preener, dressed as Slash from Guns ‘N Roses

    Halloween is the holiday where you get?to dress up in an outfit that you just never thought you could pull off?in public. It’s a great time to try out something cool and new, and a?little bit out of this world from a fashion sense (and ladies, the?sexier the better)!

    Me, I always wanted to be a rock star or super spy?so it’s probably Slash from Guns ‘N Roses again this year in my best?Varvatos tee, biker boots and leather pants, adorned with earrings,?bracelets, chains and tats.
    Or you can’t go wrong as James Bond in a?suave white tux, slicked back hair, and a 9mm strapped to your hip (fake one of course – hint hint Plaxico!).??

    Speaking of hair, I found that bad color, bad product, and just plain bad?do’s are a lot more common than they should be! Rein it in men! There?is no excuse to be in your 30s and 40s and doing a $20 haircut in a strip?mall. Go to a salon for your cut and styling.
    A good place will?recommend the right style of cut for your hair and give you all the?information you need to know about upkeep, including the right products?to use for your hair in the shower and out, and how to keep it looking?great once you leave the salon.

    Beauty tips to NOT look like Halloween on any other day…

    As we move into fall, you ladies may find yourself makeup challenged this season as the fall

    Lancome eye shadows are the bomb!

    Lancome eye shadows are the bomb!

    collections are moving towards a heavy eye and a dark red lip! This is a difficult look to pull off if you’re not a pro.
    Here’s my advice: Lancôme makes really great creamy eye shadows.

    • Apply from the inside corner top lid of the eye to the outer corner up to the crease.
    • Use a gunmetal grey or a soft black.
    • Blend soft beige from the crease to the brow.
    • Apply loose powder over that and a coat of mascara.
    • For the right red lips, don’t go matte. You will look like Elvira. Use a shade darker lip liner.
    • Line and fill in the entire lip first and then apply a creamy lipstick…voila picture perfect!

    Beauty tip: don’t do what my girlfriend Lauren Arpel does – walking while putting on mascara! You don’t want to look like Tammy Faye Baker. — Brad Boles

    Rob Siegel as Slash; courtesy of Rob Siegel
    Sharon Haver and Brad Boles in costume; courtesy S. Haver
    Pamela Anderson via

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