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  • Baggy Jeans – It or Miss?

    Baggy Jeans - It or Miss?

    I get it but not so sure, I want to “get it” in my wardrobe.

    Baggy boyfriend jeans are this season’s It Jean, now that skinny jeans are so old closet. Katie Holmes has come a very long way in her style metamorphosis and the media won’t let us forget that.

    In comes Tim Gunn, as quoted in People, with a dash of common sense, “We realize how much style she’s capable of. I don’t get it,” when noting Mrs. Cruise is out of control in her new frump look. But, we are talking about it and lot’s of pr is way better than being left for reruns of Dawson’s Creek.

    We’ve been pushing these fab styled number in our Top Trends for awhile, “Gosh, these jean is sooo hot! Forget another pair of skinny jeans and grab yourself the new baggy boyfriend jean, with the Current Elliott designer brand at the head of the boyfriend jean league!” Even we waxed poetic about the imperfectly perfect twist on denim.

    So, if Rachel Bilson, Reese Witherspoon, and a cast of other skinny girls love that baggy boyfriend jeans look from a decade and then some ago, what will stop you from being the subject of this little thought, “Irma Lynn, aren’t those the old pants that you bought at the Pick & Save to roll up and wear during wet season? Well, I think some young girl in Hollywood snatched them out of your double-wide.”

    The answer is a whole lot of style!

    When you wear something that is sort of destructive chic bordering on utility ugly, every other element of your outfit needs to be pristinely perfect to balance the look. Great shoes, good watch, chic sunglasses, and a to-die-for bag. Mess up, and you’ll looking like you are hauling water out of the basement.


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