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  • Moose of the Moment and Musings from the West

    Moose of the Moment and Musings from the West

    Who said you can’t find chic in the highest mountains?

    Ok, we know that Jackson Hole is relatively fashion-free. It’s where Patagonia is my Prada and Marmot is my Margiela, and our Western is Marlboro Man iconic.

    After awhile you really want to go gaga for shoes not for their traction, but for their style appeal… what you wear in Jackson Hole, stays in Jackson Hole!

    Yeah, the Grand Tetons are amazing, the air is crystal clear but I am jonesing big time for a “real” fashion fix… I may have an escape in Wyoming, but I AM a New Yorker true and true.

    >> Wanna try some western shopping out west, maybe not so much

    Moose of the Moment:


    Just when I was sure that I have found my Moose of Day (phooey to muse, an “It” Moose is difficult enough to find and certainly cuter than some of those furry 2-legged nature hounds!) hanging on the side of the road, I was only a stop away from some Big Apple fashion fuel.

    In a neighboring town, respectively called Moose there lies a little outpost where you can get your freeze-dried backpack food, some bear spray, a bottle from Château Mouton Rothschild, huckleberry jam, and The Sunday New York Times, complete with T magazine, the women’s fall fashion bible.

    While the two ladies fresh from Yellowstone sort out their change, you can hum along with “Where’d ya meet that low class white trash ho,” playing on the radio.”


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