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  • Hair tips for bald guys


    Male hair loss doesn’t have to hamper your grooming style

    Bald head grooming tips with Bald Guyz mens grooming products, specifically formulated for bald guys.

    Hear yee! Hear yee! Bald Headed Men Alert– Yes, you can be a sexy bald guy. And, yes you too can use men’s hairstyling products.

    Before we venture down the hair styling product aisle of life, let’s review what is not sexy for a gentleman with a thinning, receding, or a hairless head of hair.

    *A combover is probably the most offensive “trick” that some poor sole feels will boost his manliness and mask his scanty locks. Free yourself from the fear of the next big breeze and enjoy life.

    *A toupee— whether a souped-up celebrity special or a run of the mill bad rug—it’s just one too many things to think about for everyday life.

    *Plugs?! We really don’t want to know what part of your body that hair replacement was farmed.

    So do you still want to look like a nebbish trying to disguise your baldness? Why not just deal with your receding hairline and figure out how to make the most of what you’ve got rather than wish for something that cannot be?

    Short, cropped hair on a man who oozes self-confidence is pretty darn hot. And for those who opt for a total bare head shave, Mr. Clean does look like a pretty fit sex machine and what a plus around the house he could be!

    From metrosexual to ubersexual, to simply caring about your appearance– stop obsessing about hair loss and do something proactive to look good.

    Explore the new grooming products for bald men, like Bald Guyz hair care products that are specifically formulated for bald men and their sensitive scalp skin. The Bald Guyz line features Head Wipes, Moisture Gel, Wash & Shampoo, and the all-important Sunscreen formulated to keep your dome in tiptop shape.

    Where-to-buy Bald Guyz products:
    Available at drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.
    –October 12, 2005

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