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  • The perils of pink… Going to extremes wearing one color


    Q:The perils of pink… Going to extremes wearing one color

    I have a pink wool peacoat that I bought for some reason last year. I am over 30 and a working professional. Can I get away with wearing pink? It looks great with my coloring, which is the only reason– so far– that I am keeping it. Or are pink coats better left for little girls? Thanks for your advice! (Zurich, Switzerland)


    You’ve really come to the wrong girl to extol the virtues of wearing pink. Pink is no longer a color, it’s become a state of mind for some women.

    Yes, there are gorgeous shades of pink- dusty rose, that Schiaparelli shocking pink, rosebud, certain fuchsia’s, blush, and men wearing bold pink shirts can look hot.

    However, all pinks are not created equally.

    There’s that chalky, baby pink that has somehow reached epidemic proportions with women who obviously want to infantilize their lives back to a time when a terry drool bib was their smartest fashion accessory. I really don’t get it.

    As a color, pale pink was never something that I had any affinity towards- it was too wimpy. But if someone like’s it… fine, that’s her choice. Yet, a head-to-toe obsession with that insipid color is what baffles me. You see card carrying retirees dressed in a pale pink velour tracksuit, baby pink sneakers, baby pink purse, baby pink lipstick, and what’s next- a pale pink walker? Enough!

    The other thing is that unless the item is made of a high quality, certain colors don’t pass muster in a low-priced fabric or vinyl- pale pink is most definitely one of them. Cheap pink looks nasty- the chalkiness of the washed-out color needs a fabric of more substance to hold up to style.

    All said, a dash of pink can be fine, particularly if the shade works well with your complexion. A little bit of color can go a long way, use restraint and understand the difference between a color accent and drowning in color. Wear your pink peacoat in an unexpected way. Try pairing it with brown or a bold orange in contrast. Perhaps, a pair of eggplant or charcoal velvet full leg pants would add some sophistication. Shy away from overtly girly combinations when it’s more than the 5th anniversary of your preschool graduation. Add a pinch of spice, not pabulum to your wardrobe and you’ll look great.

    –October 5, 2005

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