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  • Banana Republic Launches First Designer Collaboration With Chan Luu


    “I’m excited to offer Banana Republic customers Chan Luu’s signature interpretation of Banana Republic’s effortless style aesthetic. Our brand is a great destination for jewelry so this adds a little something special into our already-exciting fall jewelry collection.” — Simon Kneen, Creative Director and EVP of Design.

    Chan Luu is no stranger to her simple chic jewelry getting the maximum exposure.

    Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Kate Hudson wearing her understated BoHo glam jewelry. It’s the kind of jewelry that you want to either layer-up for full impact or wear alone for a delicate touch.

    Chan Luu for Banana Republic

    Chan Luu for Banana Republic

    The limited edition collection of bracelets for Banana Republic creates a more accessible way to wrap a Chan Luu signature-style style custom-dyed thread or leather bracelet with unique semi-precious stones, gold or sterling silver around your wrist.

    They are the perfect lightweight choice for summer and lovely year round.

    Chan Luu for Banana Republic shopping details:

    Exclusively at Banana Republic’s San Francisco accessories-only store, Edition by Banana Republic on May 20 in celebration of that store’s one year anniversary.

    Nationwide in select stores and online starting Aug 10.

    >> Jewelry at


    Can’t wait for the Chan Luu for Banana Republic collection?

    Photos: Banana Republic

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