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  • Sex and the City 2 Top Fashion Trend is the Maxi Dress. Here’s how to wear it


    SATC brought us gladiator sandals. Now SATC2 brings us the flowing, long maxi dress as the fashion must-have in Desert Chic and summer style

    How to wear a maxi dress and not look like you ran out of the house in your nightgown

    Desert Chic: Sex and the City 2

    Desert Chic: Sex and the City 2

    Ok, “Sex and the City” fans, I’m not saying that you should show up at the movie theater this Friday dolled up as your favorite SATC character, but I know some of you will (again).

    Think of this as purely fashion tips to get the look right, and if it happens to be the hottest summer fashion trend to emerge out of SATC2, so be it.

    In an interview on E!, Sarah Jessica Parker said that the long, maxi dress, or Desert Chic as she called it, would be the HOT “Sex and the City 2” fashion trend replacement for the ubiquitous gladiator sandals that are still loitering in some closets 2 years after the first SATC movie.

    It’s no coincidence that as Creative Director for the Halston Heritage label, the secondary archival collection from Halston, Sarah Jessica Parker is flaunting many of her designs in the movie thus making it a click-to-buy extravaganza and almost as heady as a night at Studio 54 where, no doubt, many of those floaty looks first grazed a dance floor.

    Halston Heritage Iconic Pleated Long Dress in Orange

    Halston Heritage Iconic Pleated Long Dress in Orange

    One of the most featured maxi dresses from the movie is the Halston Heritage Iconic Pleated Long Dress in Orange, pictured right and above, on SJP for the film and on a look-a-like model and available at Singer 22. The flouncy dress has a decidedly disco feel to it, which may be a bit much for the day.

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    Street Chic: Woman braving the heat of the city streets of NY wearing a vintage maxi dress

    Street Chic: Woman braving the heat of the city streets of NY wearing a vintage maxi dress

    I’ve always been a fan of maxi dresses to beat the summer heat. Particularly more peasant or ethnic styles that are light and breezy in hot weather yet far more glam–yet still casual– than wearing a pair of shorts or a summer skirt.

    I know you can pull off wearing anything but the thing is that if you don’t put the right accessories with a maxi dress you can risk looking like you ran out of the house in your nightgown. Ouch!

    Here’s how to pull off a maxi dress whether be Desert Chic, City Style, or at a fab summer resort:

    • The maxi dress should have some flow to it, but not overpower you, so that it moves when you walk.
    • Avoid too-clingy jersey fabrics that “grab” you in the wrong places. Cotton or silk has more substance to it and drapes better on the body than something clingy and long.
    • Don’t forget accessories! Necklace, bracelets or a belt, cinched or hip slung to create more polished flair.
    • You know that I have hard and fast rules, but as a rule maxi dresses look best when worn with either flats or a chunky wedge platform shoe. The length of the dress needs a shoe to ground it at the bottom and skinny heel shoes are just not it.
    • The hem should fall somewhere from around your anklebone to just skirting the top of your shoe. Nothing too long to drag you down and not much shorter or it will look like the wretched “tea party length.”

    Tip: If your maxi dress is a bit short, try an ankle wrap shoe, like an espadrille, or a lightweight pair of leggings worn underneath to create more balance to the silhouette.

    • Keep hair and makeup simple and natural yet still polished to compliment the easy-breezy feel of the maxi dress.
    • Avoid anything that’s too glitzy and done as the length of the dress creates enough glamour on its own. We’re not talking fantasy costumes but real life style. Adding one too many “fabulous” details to a daytime long dress will have you looking like a drag queen on her morning walk of shame back home—we don’t want that!

    Keep it simple, chic, and polished!<

    Shop the Look: Try these maxi dresses on for size. The Halston Heritage styles are just about plucked off the SATC2 screen!

    Photos: SATC2 from SATC2, Halston Heritage dress from Singer22, street chic from

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