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  • Bargain Beauty Secrets… More Celebrity Tricks On the Cheap

    Bargain Beauty Secrets… More Celebrity Tricks On the Cheap

    Q:Bargain Beauty Secrets… More Celebrity Tricks On the Cheap

    I read your column about celebrity beauty secrets and heard that the book’s author was coming out with a follow-up. Please let me know whether Diane Irons recently released a softcover called “Bargain Basement Beauty Secrets” or something with a similar title, and if so, where I can purchase it? (New York, NY)


    Beauty author Diane Irons has just released, Bargain Beauty Secrets: Tips and Tricks for Looking Great and Feeling Fabulous (Sourcebooks, Inc.). The book is available on and major bookstores.

    Chock full of more quirky beauty and hair tips. Here are few to whet your appetite:

    Repair broken lipstick by heating the broken piece with a match until soft. Then sit it back on the tube, waiting five minutes before rolling down the tube. Put it in the freezer for ten minutes to weld lipstick together.

    Model and actress James King highlights her hair herself by using an old straw hat. She cuts the top off the hat, pulls her hair through the hole, then pours cooled chamomile tea on her hair and sits it out for about thirty minutes. She then washes and conditions.

    Tighten droopy skin by taking the white of an egg and gently patting it on clean skin. Allow to dry without moving a muscle. Blot off access. Apply makeup.

    Make your own designer handbag by adding appliques and doilies to an inexpensive purse to create a one-of-a-kind statement of your style.

    Steal a photo shoot trick for great legs. Apply hair shine serum to your legs. Mix hair serum with a little bronzing powder, concentrating on shins and the tops of the thighs. This highlights the bones and creates definition.

    Leeza Gibbons minimizes pores by taking a tomato and cutting it into thick slices. She allows the juice and seeds to drain and then mashes the pulp with a fork. She applies it to her face, covers it with a warm washcloth, and then relaxes for fifteen minutes before washing with warm water.

    Thanks to Diane for crediting in Bargain Basement Beauty Secrets as a web resource to enjoy!

    –November 18, 2002

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