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    Kidzmouse, the Critters that Click!

    Bugs, Mice, and Little Hands, Oh My… Kidzmouse, the Critters that Click!

    We get it, we get it. Little kids are more computer savvy than many parents were five years ago. Okay, in some cases, five minutes ago!

    What to do when a techy genius-in-training wants a mouse that’s a bit more adaptable for their cushy, mini hands?

    Both incredibly adorable and easy to use,KidzMouse captures the niche in children’s computer accessories. Instead of a button to tap, these affable mice play off on kid picks- squeezing and bugs. Squish the bug-shaped mouse and, click, you’re off…

    Designed to fit a child’s hand and tested on small folk from 2 to 10, the ever-expanding array of critters will include an optical mouse, and some favorite “stars” from the Nickelodeon network, like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Blues Clues, and Rug Rats in time for the holiday season.

    Ask yourself this: when else would you be thrilled to see little lass or lad have some squeeze play with a creature? Need we say there could be a more pleasing kid-friendly gift?

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    –November 28, 2002

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