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  • Beauty Tips: Blush for a cheeky flush

    Blush application

    Do not fear the Blush…

    Ok, here’s the skinny on blush… People tend to fall into two categories when it comes to wearing just the right amount of blush: none and none!

    A bit of blush can take you from appearing sickly to snazzy in just a few seconds. Going paleface is especially important at this time of year when a little flush of warm cheeks is just the beauty picker-upper that you need.

    You cannot help but notice the women who wear an overload of cheek color that makes them look like they escaped from the circus– pretty SCARY! The fear of looking like a clown can make any woman skip wearing blush altogether. Yet, the right blush application will make you will look like you just had an amazing run on the ski slopes. How sexy is that?!

    If you want that sweet pick-me-up of subtle color, try my blush application tips for a natural flush:

    Pressed powder blushes are the best for a natural look and easiest to use.

    Color is crucial and it’s easy to select the right shade. Try to emulate the color that naturally appears when you run around the block. Ok go run, I’ll wait……….. good to have you back!

    Now, look in the mirror and use your natural flush color as your guide. Here’s the trick: Choose a blush that is 1-2 shades lighter than the run around the block color. With that you will be safe from that heavy “look at me, I have blush on!” garish mask.



    There are a couple of natural blush shades that I love which are also fairly universal and tend to work on a lot of people. My fave natural powder blush color is NARS Blush in Orgasm.

    When you apply blush, use a medium to larger bristle brush. This step is crucial: Swipe the blush brush in a circular motion about your powder. Tap excess off. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks, in a circular motion as well, moving up and back towards your hairline.

    Tip: CIRCULAR motions are key for proper blush application. I can’t say this enough… CIRCULAR motions are key, CIRCULAR motions are key. Get it, got it, good… LOL. Never use a straight motion with blush or you will end up looking like one of those circus clown women!

    The concentration of color should be on the apple of your cheeks. Once you can just start to see a color deposit, do a sweep in CIRCULAR motions over your entire face to blend it all.
    Now, just look at that pretty Snow Bunny in the mirror! – Mr. Beauty Tips

    –January 14, 2008

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