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  • Beauty Tips: Eyelash Tints and Lash Perming, yay or nah

    Gorgeous Lashes

    Mr. Beauty Tips, our beauty detective solves the mystery on how to get long eyelashes…

    Just in time for big nights out, like New Year’s Eve, luxurious eyelashes are on everyone’s mind. As a beauty pro, I feel that lash tint and eyelash perms are really over-rated– yes, some ladies even opt to perm their eyelashes in the hopes of a sexy and flirty wink. In belt-tightening times such extreme measures are also very temporary for the cost.

    Since obviously, your eyelashes are near your eyes, the types of products that can be used to dye or perm your lashes are quite mild compared with what you can put on your head, and should only be administered by a professional with experience in the technique. That being said, people usually feel that it doesn’t last very long or give much beauty bang for the buck.
    What to do to get long, dark, and luxurious eyelashes?

    It’s easy and you can do this at home! A good eyelash curler, which should be in almost every beauty arsenal for instant eye-opening and lash lengthening, and the right mascara can do the same thing as salon-dyed or permed lashes. I prefer a more natural look and almost exclusively use dark brown or brown/black mascara over classic black. No need for high-price mascara either, I love Cover Girl Volume Exact Waterproof Mascara.

    For those who still long for some extra eyelash oomph, consider eyelash extensions that can work very well. Do the research in your area for the best salon or make-up artist who provides this service as it is costly, time consuming, and if not done very well, your eyelash extensions will start to wash off within a few days. Have fun and go bat your eyelashes in style! –Mr. Beauty Tips

    –December 26, 2008

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