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  • Dame Edna for MAC Cosmetics: I enjoy being a girl /boy!

    Dame Edna for MAC Cosmetics

    Gender bender beauty continues…

    I saw that Aussie minx Dame Edna on Broadway on one of her hilarious Royal Tours a number of years ago with the grandmas– we all loved her humor, her neon lilac wig, and her fabu spectacles. But is she a tongue-in-chic beauty icon?

    Well, MAC Cosmetics thinks so.

    Yes, we told you about the Amanda Lepore fragrance. We love our friend Miss J. Alexander, and with size 10 feet have both loaned out her heels to boys in need through the years and have had them stretched by a few good guy friends. Hey, FOS even has some archival content about men wearing pantyhose. We are also the first to admit that some drag queens even pose the question, “is she real?”

    However, do we want to look as ‘gorgeous’ as Dame Edna with her eponymous limited-edition make-up color collection for MAC? I’m not too sure about that one. Perhaps, I’m low on city girl irony after spending a week in avalanche country. How about you?


    –December 30, 2008

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