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  • Are branding photos the best way to connect with your audience? [Video]

    Real vs Staged Photos

    How do you balance your brand imaging? It isn’t always 50/50.

    Who doesn’t love easy math? This equation only has three parts: 80, 20 and YOU.

    When it comes to your online photos, 80 percent of the time you want to bring the every day you. The other 20 percent, feel free to tszuj it up!

    The most important part of the equation is you. You bringing yourself to the table. Whether it’s an everyday look or all Glam and Glitter – we still should see you every time. That’s who we’re here for!

    Let’s chat, do that super easy math with me!  

    Don’t be scared of showing your regular style, but don’t be scared of the higher billed options either! Getting dressed up is fun, share that fun, but STAY TRUE TO YOU.

    Need more pro tips you can steal for yourself? Download your free guide, How To Look Great In Photos, here.

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