Why you may be getting overlooked online and how to fix that [Video]

Do you wonder why you’re not getting noticed online? This could be the reason…

As fun as it is to do big brand fancy photo shoots, this isn’t the best way to represent yourself. Why? Because people aren’t connecting with you as a REAL person!

People relate to real people, and if you’re posting the same picture all over the place people zone out!

We get exhausted from seeing the same photo over and over again. Or the same three photos, for that matter. But if they’re all from the *same* photo shoot they all start to look alike and people don’t see it anymore. The worst part? They don’t see YOU!

WATCH to see how to avoid your photos getting lost in the web!

Remember these things when creating your photo library:

  • It’s not just one photo.
  • People want to see real people.
  • Be authentic, but slightly aspirational.
  • Find variety.
  • You’re the star of your brand!
  • People want to be sucked into your life.

What not to do…

Don’t become stagnant. Don’t become fake. Avoid your audience experiencing photo fatigue with your images. You don’t want people to zone out on you!

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