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    Commuting shoes, bus lanes, legendary ladies, and the anything goes but you… UN Lane!

    The domino traffic effect…

    Forget New York City when the UN is in session like it was last week! That and the fact that we New Yorkers become subjected to traffic backup for miles in the kind of grid lock not even found on a Cartier bracelet.

    Think about my friend, the time-challenged Lauren Arpel. Crazy traffic makes Lauren dizzy, therefore she showed up in the WRONG Italian restaurant for a dinner I organized with my very own editor in chief Sharon Haver and the gorgeous Julie Anne Rhodes from The Roving Stove who was in from Los Angeles. Imagine the wrong Italian restuatant– oh sure, they all end in a vowell. Lauren is not even blonde!

    Dinner with the brunettes: Julie Anne second from left, Sharon to the left of me and Lauren far right

    Not a good look, ever!

    Not a good look, ever!

    Commuting shoes…oh, yes.

    Now with all that traffic you see women racing around the streets and, of course, ill-fitting stilettos are not the most comfy to walk around wearing so they turn to the visually offensive fugly "comuting" shoes.

    Ladies, why must you think tennis shoes are exceptable or a pair of rubber flip-flops with a business outfit?

    There are so many affordable and fashionable flats, foldable flats, and comfy ballet slippers to choose from for a far more grown-up and sophisticated option.

    Please leave the tennis shoes for just that… a tennis court! While you’re thinking tennis, don’t miss our own Sharon on The Tennis Channel‘s Take Five: fashion show this month.

    Even as a bad fashion reference in SATC2, doesn't give it an excuse

    Even as a bad fashion reference in SATC2, doesn’t give it an excuse

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    As you may have heard the ladies of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY are back!

    Filming started this week on Season 4 and, boy, what a season its going to be! Guaranteed they are going to be a lot of tennis balls flying!

    Do you know which of the Housewives takes the bus? I do and let’s say its more about saving money then it is convenience.

    The legendary Greta Garbo was famous for taking the bus and Sharon even once spotted her on the Second Avenue bus in New York! The ever timeless Kathrine Hepburn was also an old school city bus rider-, two style icon’s that we all could take a lession or two from. I’ve never seen a picture of them wearing tennis shoes have you?

    Katherine Hepburn- style icon, pants wear and don't belive ever wore hidious sneakers with dress pants

    Katherine Hepburn- style icon, pants wear and don’t belive ever wore hidious sneakers with dress pants

    Looking like a legend…

    Remember Kathrine gave women the freedom to wear pants and still look feminine. This fall, Carolina Herrera has some of the best pants to flatter ladies with the long legs.

    Carolina Herrera fall 2010

    Carolina Herrera fall 2010

    Pair that with a soft leather classic flats such as the iconic black and white Chanel. Grab a 35 cm black Kelly Bag with a scarf loosely tied around the handle and you to will look like a legend!

    Claudia Schiffer looking very stylish while pregnant

    Claudia Schiffer looking very stylish while pregnant

    Pregnant and still having style…

    Pea in the Pod always works for materity fashion

    Pea in the Pod always works for materity fashion

    Next to tennis shoes sending me over the edge would be pregnant women that simply give up on style when carrying. There is nothing more beautiful then a pregnant women. Alright, maybe that last month isn’t so glamorous, but up to that point there should be no excuses.

    >> SHOP: Maternity Fashion

    Fashionable maternity separates can be found at every price point, Pea in the Pod for example has some very stylish pieces. Just look at Claudia Shiffer working the look. After birth you girls tend to let things slip what’s this ponytail and sweatpants and flipflops!

    Big girl style tips…

    This week I turn to Suzanne. Do you remember her from last week! Suzanne is the eyeliner fiend! We are going to ask her a few question about looking stylish when you have big girl challenges…

    >> SHOP: Plus Size Clothing

    Brad: You’re a big girl and a glam girl too. What do you consider the hardest challenge when shopping for large-size clothes?

    Suzanne:Finding flattering separates that coordinate and look contemporary yet comfortable when your over a size 16. A great handbag and elegant shoes can make or break a look.

    Brad: When it comes to color what do you avoid and what do you feel complements you?

    Suzanne:I’m drawn to dark colors like browns and black as well as charcoal grey in pants skirts, I like to coordinate a jewel toned blouses in a soft satan such as amethest, turquoise, or ruby, its great because you can go from day to evening with this look, just add a little more eyeliner after dark!I avoid light bright colors from the waist down, I’m looking to slenderize not emphasize. keeping the bright colors above the waist lights up my face!

    Brad: Well, thank you for sharing with us!

    Beauty comes in many forms I have dressed women of all sizes and shapes know your body type and what flatters you if you don’t know, bring you best gay friend along you’ll always get honest advice. Leave the trends for the girls in there twenties and if your really a size 6 don’t try and squeeze into a 2. Look to the legends if you need style advice. And avoid Manhattan when the UN is in session!

    And how was your week? — Brad Boles

    Photos: Rob Rich,

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