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    Big Night Hair… How to Get the Top Hair Looks- hairstyle photos, how-to’s, tips, and tricks

    How to Get the Top Hair Looks- hairstyle photos, how-to’s, tips, and tricks

    Runway Hairstyle Photos + Tips- Holiday, Wedding, Formal, Special Occasion Hair Styles

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    Dear Sharon:I’m attending a wedding this New Year’s Eve (yeah, I know it’s a bummer of a time to go to a friend’s wedding— besides, a double-whammy for a date!) and need a hairstyle that’s dressy, yet cutting edge. I’m not the overly fussy type, but do like hair that’s kind of sexy when the occasion permits.

    I really despise salons, and the thought of going to one the day of New Year’s really frightens me. Besides, most women I know end up looking like their grandmother with some stiff, dated hairstyle after they go to a hairdresser for a formal hairdo. Can you give some ideas for do-it-yourself hair tips for a modern big glamour look? Or, at least some hairstyle photos to inspire me. — Hairing It Now (Little Silver, NJ)

    Dear Hairing It Now: Racing to a hair salon the day of an event can produce more stress than you need on a big day. With the horrifying sidebar that you can end up with a style that’s more of a stiff hairdo don’t than fabulous hair do. In many instances the stylist who is unbelievable in cutting techniques is just not that hot in fancy styling tricks or, is so gung ho about strutting his maneuvers that you end up looking like a trussed-up poodle at Westminster.

    black dress

    The great hair that you see in magazines and runways is styled by pro’s who specialize in that—styling! Before you book an appointment for special occasion hair, hang around near the salon a bit to see that the work being done meets your expectations. When you do find someone who excels evenly at both cut and style, hold that number close!

    Every girl worth her weight in glam should learn to master a few, simple style solutions for party-hearty hair in a snap. New York hairstylist Richard Dalton, teamed up with Clairol Professional to create runway hair looks for New York’s Spring 2003 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. We’ve asked Richard to spray the spritz on his catwalk tips for modern, big night hair.

    Contrasts in hair trends right now, from small, tight buns to big fluffy glamazon hair. Richard suggests you include one of these top hair looks that he created for the Imitation of Christ and Adnan Jon fashion shows in your special occasion repertoire:

    hair styles
    black dress 1

    The Classic Ballerina Bun-seen at Prada and Imitation of Christ
    "The classic ballerina bun is sophisticated and polished, yet with a youthful quality. It is a great way to emphasis the neck and looks beautiful whether you are wearing a snug turtleneck or a cocktail dress with spaghetti straps."

    To get it:
    1. Brush hair into a tight, half-tucked ponytail that is positioned directly in the back of the head.
    2. Smooth flyaways with Styling Gloss
    3. Twist untucked ends counter-clockwise into a bun
    4. Secure ends with pins.
    5. Spray bun with Clairol Professional Color ProTec Designing Spritz

    hair styles

    Glam Waves– seen at Cynthia Rowley and Adnan Jon
    "Sexy, mysterious and alluring. Glam waves call for a glam woman. This style is exotic and very stylish for the holidays. It is perfect for a black tie New Year’s Eve party."

    To get it:
    1. Create a low ponytail.
    2. Braid ponytail, leaving the front of the hair loose.
    3. Spray loose hair with hairspray.
    4. Curl loose hair with heated rollers
    5. Shape curls into a fingerwave using Styling Gloss
    6. Pin fingerwave into the top of the ponytail
    7. Twist braid into a Chignon bun.

    hair style

    Big Volume Hair- seen at Valentino, Miu Miu, and a favorite hairstyle of Jennifer Lopez
    “I suggest heated rollers because they are quick and easy and give amazing curl. Curling irons are difficult to maneuver if you are curling your own hair. Velcro and traditional rollers curl well only if you have a lot of time to set them (or, use these to only achieve a slight wave and not a curl).”

    To get it:
    Achieving volume is done in 3 easy steps. It is much easier and often takes less time than an up do.

    1. Set Hair
    Richard’s Tip– Spray hair before and after you set. If your hair is colored, use a product specifically designed for it, like Clairol Professional ColorProTec Setting Spritz.

    2. Brush the curls out whether you use a curling iron or rollers. Brush with a boar’s hairbrush. Brush well to get the roller marks out. Spray hair or apply an anti-frizz serum.

    3. Tease roots using a comb. Spray roots.

    Richard’s Quick Tip to Add Body on the Bottom- Put hair in a ponytail on the top of the head and curl only the hair in the ponytail. Try to not secure the band too tight, as it will leave a mark. Curl with either rollers or curling iron, remove ponytail and brush out. If you wish to have a slight wave to the hair instead of lots of volume, use a curling iron or velcro rollers to achieve a delicate wave.

    About a week before the event, give yourself a practice run and try one of these hairstyles on your own so there will be no surprises at the grand event. Knock’ em out cold with your glam tresses!

    —December 20, 2002

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