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  • Bond Girl Makeup- Follow these step-by-step makeup tips for some 007 beauty thrills

    Skyfall makeup parody

    Have you seen the James Bond movie, “Skyfall” yet? I did and absolutely loved it.  Daniel Craig is right up there with Sean Connery in my book as best 007 and this movie has plenty of that old school sex appeal.

    Bérénice Marlohe is as gorgeous as expected as the new Bond girl. Here’s something cool that you can takeaway:

    We’ve got the “Skyfall” makeup parody! Doesn’t the model, above, look like a Bond girl?

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    Yup, celebrity makeup artist, Kristina Brown, created the Bond girl makeup look with Votre Vu’s French Accents, available at, in this adorable spoof.

    Here’s Kristina’s Votre Vu makeup step-by-step on how you can prepare for a rendezvous with 007…

    • Start out with a really hydrated, moisturized face.
    • Most makeup artists start with either the face or eyes. My personal preference to start with eyes. After priming, I use Arch de Triumphe brow definer, which contains micronized minerals that mimic hair, so it looks really natural. You want to get the product in there between the hairs and you can keep going to elongate the brow for a glamorous night out.
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    • To make the model’s very blue eyes pop, I use Le Joli Crayon in Aubergine – which is a purplish hue.  Draw as close to the lash line as you can. For this look, I am going to take the tool at the opposite end of the crayon and smudge up the line I just drew.
    • During the day, you only need one coat of mascara – but for a night out, use two.  I like the Eiffel Power mascara.
    • Next, Vu-On Rouge Lip and Cheek Tint comes in three different colors that work on a variety of skin tones. You can throw it in your bag and pull it out later in the day on lips and cheeks for a healthy je ne sais quoi.
    • Finally, onto the skin. First, I put a little bit of concealer around the eye and nose, then following with the foundation, brushing from the inside out. I use Love Me Deux, a moisture tint and concealer duo.

     See, pretty easy secret agent makeup tips!

    But here’s abit of agent moxie that really admire. Berenice Marlohe was an unknown, with an agent, when she heard about this part.

    She’s didn’t sit back and wait, but went out and pursued the role.  

    “I was struggling for many, many years in France, not having auditions, not having an agent, she tells Spinoff. “And I heard they were in Paris looking for this Bond girl, so I spent two days not leaving my computer and trying to find every contact of every single person attached to that project. I even found Sam Mendes’ agent on Facebook! And after two days, I managed to find [casting director] Debbie McWilliams’ email, and I sent her my reel, and it started like that.” Gorgeous and a go-getter. Now, it’s your turn to go get ’em.

    What’s your favorite James Bond movie?  Share in the comments below…

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