Shape your style with ICONIC MOMENTS. Play with me. On Pinterest.

… you’re kinda doing it already and not knowing.

A funny thing happened to me when I was building a Pinterest Board of Iconic Moments. Even after being in the fashion business for a couple of decades, my favorite images for everyday style that come to mind right off the bat, ironically, best represent how I like to dress and what inspires my style.

Insert big drumroll here, MY iconic style moments are akin to my personal style. It all became BEYOND obvious once I actually had all the IMAGES in front of me. See…

some of my iconic moments in style
Some of my iconic moments in style from my Pinterest Board

The same could be true for you.

 Unless, of course,  your iconic style moments involve a mash up of Snookie meets Tootisie with a hint  of Elaine Benes… you then may want to keep your style icons to yourself. Just sayin’.

What happens when you visually put your iconic moments on a Pinterest board, is that it helps you be aware of what strikes you in ONE organized place. As they are all assembled right in front of you, you get the chance to ponder what strikes your fancy and witness its nuances.

These very stunning images are what stays in your unconscious and helps influence the style decisions that you make. It’s these underlying images of cut, direction, and type that you veer towards when you shop. It may not be in a specific article of clothing, but in a mood that you find attractive.

For me, it’s minimalist & timeless French Chic-ish pieces, mostly black or neutral. A touch of Boho or bombshell when the mood strikes. Even some tough downtown biker hardware or  the contrary of a dash of the old west. Coming of age at Studio 54 added some fluid jersey. Lot’s of brunettes and barely a bottle blonde. Ok, maybe a few. A dash of eyeliner. Dreams of via Veneto in the 1950s. Rock star babe.

Time travel with timeless iconic moments
Time travel with timeless iconic moments

It may sound like a hodge-podge. Yet, there is a distinct thread that runs through these style moments… just LOOK. When organized on a style board in old school black & white or vivid HD, vintage or last week, the images speak for themselves.

So play with me on this…

What iconic moments make up your style?

I showed you mine, show me yours.

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So, what do you say?


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