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  • Boots With Bare Legs

    Boots With Bare Legs

    Q:Boots With Bare Legs

    Is it tacky to wear a skirt with boots and no nylons in the Fall? There is about an 1″ to an 1 1/2″ between the top of the boot and the start of the skirt. The skirt falls just above the knee. Thanks. (Bothell, WA)


    Boots worn without pantyhose has been enjoying a run as a very hot look, providing you have great legs to bare. Although trendy, I would freeze my petunias off running around with bare legs in the cold.

    If you must eschew pantyhose, a little bit of a kneesock peeking out above your boot is totally hip right now.

    But, what’s a bit more modern these days is fishnet hose (particularly two-tone fishnet), chevron, houndstooth, and other graphic pattern hose… the plus side to this trend is that you have a lesser chance of shivering in your boots, so to speak.


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