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  • Correct Season to Wear White… Is it ok to wear white after Labor Day?

    Correct Season to Wear White... Is it ok to wear white after Labor Day?

    Q:Correct Season to Wear White…

    Hi! I need some help. I have a co-worker who showed up to work yesterday in an off-white linen outfit. I told her to send it to the dry cleaners and put it away until next spring.

    I realize that we are in Southern California and the temperature is in the 80’s today, but some fashion rules still apply, right??? (I already told her about the white shoe thing). She asked me to write them down for her so that she will know what to wear and what not to wear (from season to season). Do you have any of that written down somewhere?? Would appreciate any help you can provide. (Pasadena, CA)


    Rules, my sweet sister of style, are made to be fashionably broken. Just this very season, Fall 2001, white shoes and boots are very in style… so much for “that shoe thing”!

    However, that look is terribly edgy (particularly when worn with black hose) and if you are not the right type (i.e. unsure of wearing what is known as the premiere fashion faux pas as a fashion statement) best bet is to stick to the logical: dress for the temperature.
    Winter white clothing is also a very modern off-the-runway look now, but the fabrics are sturdier and more of the season than flimsy linen. A good guide for times when the temperature rocks off seasonal norms is to dress in a fabric weight appropriate for the temperature and in a color of the season.

    As far as something ‘written down,” common sense prevails.


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