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  • What Is Brand Climate, And How Does It Affect YOU? [Video]

    Brand Climate

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    I’ve got ANOTHER live I cut for you at my vacation home in Jackson Hole! Seeing as the weather there was so intense (beautiful snow and winds at 40MPH!) ‘climate’ got on my mind. Not just in the environment, but brand climate as well. 

    If you want to stay relevant in your brand you need to stay on top of what’s going on now in the world. The world climate!

    Watch To See What Zeitgeist Has Got To Do With Your Business…

    If You’re Not Watching, Your Competition Is!

    🌍Your BRAND climate. Why morning SHOWS and reality shows are important to your BUSINESS.

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    Posted by Sharon Haver – on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

    What I Do…

    I stay on top of it by watching morning shows and talk shows. Mostly network like ABC, NBC or CBS. I recommend NBC’s Today Show the most. I also try to stay on top of some of the better reality shows – the ones that really try to imitate real life.

    Understand the zeitgeist of now. It’s kind of a big word – but it’s one that was used over and over again when I was working on photoshoots in New York. It means the climate, the mood, the  aesthetic of that point of time in history.

    How To Make It Work For You…

    Pay attention to what’s going on in the world and in more popular media. This will keep you aware of what’s working for those people now. What they’re wearing, how they’re showing up.

    Why? Because you ARE your own reality show! People want to get to know you, that’s what is in the zeitgeist of the business now. 

    Get Informed To Stay Relevant…

    Not only do you need to be aware of the climate so you can see what’s trending – but because OTHER people are seeing that right alongside your videos! They’re seeing what’s going on in the news and pop culture too.

    So, when they’re scrolling through their Facebook feed or Instagram feed they’re seeing all of that mixed in with your content. If there’s a certain type of styling, imagery, fashion or make-up that’s very popular and trending you’ll want to be aware of that so you can apply what works for you (authentically, of course!).

    Take The Next Step…

    Use this information to hone in on what’s happening in your field and in your brand. This is something I go over in the Authentic Superstar Challenge over at I’ll show you how you can really connect with your brand image by looking at other things out there and creating something as simple as a Pinterest board.

    I’ll guide you on how to get that awareness and then model it into something that works for you and your brand. Be really aware of what’s going on out there in the zeitgeist, what’s going on in the climate of your business – especially keep an eye on those morning talk shows! It’s the zeitgeist of NOW!

    Get more over at!

    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    Hello. Hello, hello, hello from Wyoming.

    I’m at my vacation house
    and I wanted to talk

    to you about climate.

    I’m going to put you in the
    light a little bit more here.

    It’s at that time of day
    here where we’re losing

    a little bit of light but
    I think it’s good there.

    It’s time to talk about climate.

    You know, climate change is
    not just in the environment

    but climate changes in your brand.

    If you want to have a brand
    that really stands out

    and shows up and has a little
    bit of star power, finesse.

    You probably want to join me over


    It’s a free challenge that
    I’m going to be running.

    It’s starting super soon.

    And you want to get in there.

    We’ll be talking more about that.

    But right now I thought
    this would be like a cool

    sort of apres–

    You like my Apres ski hat?

    What do you think? You know.

    Kinda like The Cat in the
    Hat Went Back or something?

    Anyways, it’s cold out.

    You can see here there’s
    snow out on the deck.

    So climate got on my mind
    and also got on my mind

    this morning when I was
    watching morning TV out here,

    which I normally don’t
    watch that much at home.

    I do make an effort to do
    so and there’s a reason why.

    Besides the fact that now
    I’m talking about morning TV

    like talk shows and morning shows.

    I’m not talking about
    programs or panel shows

    with crazy people screaming
    at a judge and all that stuff.

    Someone who hasn’t seen
    their cat in 723 years

    and the cat’s really
    related to their father

    and their father was really their mother

    and all that weird stuff.

    We’re not doing any of that.

    I’m talking about straight
    up morning TV chat shows,

    mostly network: ABC, CBS, NBC.

    I kinda like NBC Today
    show the most to watch.

    That kind of morning show.

    I also think that it’s a
    good idea to keep in mind

    of what’s going on in
    like better reality shows.

    More famous ones.

    Ones that try to imitate real life,

    not exactly cat fight life.

    Those are pretty good too.

    Mostly we’re talking talk shows here.

    What happens is there’s
    a climate out there

    and you’ll see the way people show up.

    Here it’s interesting
    because our TV is not

    as good as our one in New York.

    It’s so super HD that
    not only do you see more

    of the wrinkles on everyone’s neck.

    You see the extra eyeliner they’re wearing

    and all their TV makeup is so
    much more apparent than you

    would see on my TV which
    is sort of a soft lens.

    So that comes to mind.

    It comes to mind the
    outfits they’re wearing.

    What they’re talking
    about, the conversations.

    It’s the Zeitgeist of what’s
    going on in pop culture.

    It’s the Zeitgeist of what’s
    going on in your business.

    Zeitgeist really means the
    climate of what’s out there,

    of what’s happening at that
    point of time in history.

    Why does this make sense for you?

    Why is this important
    for you and your business

    and your photos and your videos
    and how you show up online

    in your brand persona
    and all that great stuff.

    Your authentic visual
    messaging and all of that.

    It’s important to be aware
    of the climate of what’s

    going on because other
    people are seeing that.

    Other people may not
    necessarily be seeing other

    thought leaders or other
    gurus in your field

    or other experts.

    They are seeing what’s happening on TV

    in the news in pop culture.

    They’re picking that up.

    And then more important than
    that, that stuff is going down

    your social media feed along side of you.

    So if there’s a certain
    type of styling or imagery

    or fashion or makeup or persona
    that’s very popular you’ll

    see it going down your social media feed.

    You’ll also see people who
    look a little stiff and dated

    and out of it maybe in
    your particular industry.

    By looking more up to what’s
    going on in pop culture

    and the climate of what’s going
    on out there you’ll be able

    to really hone in on what’s
    happening in your brand.

    This is something that I go
    over in the Authentic Superstar

    Challenge over at

    on how you can really
    connect with your brand image

    by looking at other things out
    there and creating something

    as simple as a Pinterest board by example.

    Or just even watching TV.

    But getting that awareness.

    Learning how to model it into
    something that works for you.

    So you know,

    the Zeitgeist is a really big word also

    when you are talking about
    advertising and marketing.

    If you are in an advertising
    brand meeting like

    when I was a stylist back in those days.

    It’s a very popular word
    that art directors use.

    Why are you doing something?

    Well it’s just in the Zeitgeist.

    It’s just what people see.

    It’s out there.

    It’s in the universe of
    what people are picking up.

    It’s the climate of everything
    that’s going around you.

    Whether or not it’s the
    climate of the snow outside

    and hence my snow hat.

    Or the climate of me
    being at my vacation house

    and hence the western stuff.

    Or when I’m in New York
    or if I’m in California,

    whatever it is, it’s the
    climate altogether universally.

    Globally of what people are seeing.

    So it’s not as specific
    as something like this,

    as western and a ski hat.

    But it’s just kinda like being on brand

    and being together in that way.

    It’s super important so don’t
    nay-nay morning talk shows

    and don’t nay-nay, you
    know some reality shows

    or what else is going on.

    Oh! We got a surprise guest.

    We got Mr. Poodle.

    We always have a surprise
    guest from Mr. Poodle.

    Don’t pooh-pooh or nay-nay
    and say that, you know,

    it doesn’t apply to you.

    But actually what happens is
    it applies to you in a way.

    Honey, don’t hit my computer.

    (kiss, kiss)

    Okay I’m getting poodle kisses,
    he’s hitting the computer.

    Because that’s what
    other people are seeing.

    That’s how you can really build
    a brand that’s more global.

    That has more of that superstar status,

    that celebrity-type of brand,
    that star power that you want.

    So f you want to learn
    how to show up in photos

    and get yourself brand
    positioning and learn how

    to show up in videos or
    anything like that where

    you’re one on one I
    highly, highly recommend

    that you go over to right now.

    Join me, we are on a wait list right now.

    It’ll be opening up super soon.

    You’ll be in for an early bird.

    It’s free at the moment.

    If you’re watching this on
    a replay it may not be free

    but as I’m recording this live it sure is.

    Anyway, hope to see you

    and be really aware of
    what’s going on out there

    in the Zeitgeist.

    What’s going on in the
    climate of your business

    and on a bigger level in entertainment

    and specially those morning shows. Okay?

    So see you guys soon. Take care.

    If you find value in it don’t
    forget to share with a friend.

    See you later. Bye bye.


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