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    Being Seen As An Expert

    It’s How You Treat The Camera.

    It’s so easy to be self judging in front of the camera, isn’t it?

    You know that people are going to see the photo, see you and make a snap decision about if they want to trust you.

    YIKES. That is a scary thought, so it makes sense that you’re nervous to get in front of the camera. You want them to be seen as the expert you are, but it’s nerve racking to get in front of that camera.

    But How? Watch For The Inside Scoop…

    I don’t blame you. BUT, those nerves SHOW and they aren’t the message you want to send! That isn’t meant to make you even MORE self-conscious – no – but you need to realize that this is happening, and overcome it

    The next time you’re in front of the camera I want you to give this a try.

    Treat the camera like a friend – because you want to come off as friendly, right? And confident? That can only happen if you’re in a comfortable situation. And what’s more comfortable than being with friends!

    Another important step to being confident on camera is to stop comparing yourself to others. No one else can BE you and you can’t be them. We all look different too, which is a GOOD thing!

    You’re What Matters…

    You can break that barrier of camera shyness by accepting that your audience wants to see you. They’ll want to buy into you if they know, like and trust you. How that happens comes from your confidence and how comfortable you look on camera.

    Another surefire way to look confident? Talk about something you understand and know! If you know what you’re talking about you’ll know what to say and it will come out naturally. You have the expertise, but it isn’t enough to stand out anymore because people see your photo first. But that photo will show your expertise when you are confident when taking it.

    Attract The Audience You Deserve…

    So once you know how to be you in you photos – with your own styling and composition – you won’t be artificial and you’ll attract the kind of audience you want to attract.

    Here’s Your First Step…

    Join the Authentic Superstar Challenge to take that confidence to the next level and maximize your social media marketing:

    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    – If you’re self-conscious
    in front of the camera,

    which I know that I was,

    and I’m like uber self-conscious

    because I spent 15 years on photo shoots

    working as a stylists working
    with models and celebrities

    and they were all these like
    skinny, tall, young things

    and then all of a sudden
    when I changed by business

    and I had to be the face of my brand

    and not hide it behind it in another way,

    I was, let’s just put it this way,

    I was no longer that young,

    certainly no longer that skinny

    with weight that fluctuates up and down,

    and I am very comfortable
    being behind the camera,

    not in front of the camera like this.

    But I realize and I found
    that when I take myself

    out of being who you
    think you want me to be

    and just being me and talking to a friend

    and making believe the camera or the phone

    or the computer webcam is my friend,

    then I’m able to sort of break the barrier

    and realizing that when
    people in the other side

    wanna buy into you, it’s the know,

    like, and trust factor of that.

    So they wanna know the real
    you, the real comfortable you.

    So if you really truly know
    what you’re talking about,

    in your expertise, you know what to say

    and that comes out in your visual message.

    Because in today’s world
    most of the clients

    and students that come to me
    do have a lot of expertise,

    but they realize that
    expertise is no longer enough

    to stand out in a crowded market

    because before someone
    gets to read something

    about them or gets to talk to them

    or gets to even watch their video,

    it’s that snap judgment of the photo.

    That speaks first and
    louder than anything else.

    So once you learn how to
    be you in the right format

    of the most realistic
    way that represents you

    with composition and styling in a way

    that represents you
    ’cause you really are you

    and you’re not fussing
    in what you’re wearing

    and you’re not fussing in like
    having to over pin something

    or over prop it for the camera
    or just being self-conscious

    or having your bra straps hanging out,

    your t-shirt bunched
    up, but you really know

    how to be seated and presented
    in a way that you’re natural,

    well then it becomes a no
    brainer and it automatically

    makes you magnetic to the kind of person

    you want to to attract
    because they’re going

    to the real you and not some
    staged, artificial version

    or some awkward self-conscious version.

    So it’s like a win-win on all ends.

    Thanks for watching, I hope
    you enjoy watching this

    as much as I enjoyed making them for you.

    In case you’re new to me, I’m Sharon Haver

    and I help entrepreneurs who realize

    that their expertise is
    not enough to stand out

    in a crowded market.

    Everything from your
    branding, from your style,

    to your photos, your videos,
    it all comes together.

    I’m the founder of

    since 1999 and I never
    thought I was techy.

    That’s a long time online.

    So anyway, if I can do it you can do it.

    I’m all about sharing and helping

    and if you find value in this, hey,

    please share it with a friend.

    See you next time.


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