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  • Bring up the girls – Non-Surgical Breast Lift


    Wear this season’s backless fashions in high style

    Non-Surgical Breast Lift- How to wear this season’s backless fashions in high style with reusable Instant Breast Lift adhesives from Bring It Up.

    There are so many gorgeous back baring dresses around right now, and JT’s Sexy Back song certainly has its fashion timeliness. But what’s a hot mama to do when her girls go freestyling down once they are let loose on their own?

    As Dr. 90210 fans, we remain equally as spellbound viewing a surgical breast lift procedure as we are in watching Ab Fab rerun rants of the dratted saggy-titted hippies. In our real world, lies that gorgeous special occasion backless dress which should not be reserved for the young or surgically enhanced, but on our collectively very sizzling, well-toned backs.

    There’s a bra to suit almost every outfit, but most of those convoluted, wear-a-million-ways marvel bras have so many elastic tricks and twirls to get right that we need to call in an MIT engineering major to decipher the instructions. Once on, the elastic wraps around us much like an S&M straight jacket that still peers through our otherwise fabulous ensemble. Arghhh… fashion disaster 101… odd underwear outlines!

    But we are still not willing to give-up the backless dress or plan a date with a scalpel. We’ve shared before the insider stylist tricks of the joys of tape… and here’s another easy dress tip for you: Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts , transparent adhesives designed to perk up your boobies with a little lift once applied. Think of the reusable Instant Breast Lifts as a crescent-shaded Band-Aid that will help you pass the pencil test for an evening. Not that you want to run around all taped up on a daily basis, but they sure are a fashion boon for those fabulous backless dresses. Lift, lift, hooray!!!

    –November 12, 2007

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