Sleek, straight hair tips right off the runway…

Simple chic, ponytail hairstyles from the Tracy Reese fashion show

Sleek, straight hair tips right off the runway…
Simple chic, ponytail hairstyles from the Tracy Reese fashion show

Dear Sharon: I really want a straight hairstyle to compliment all the feminine clothing styles I’ve seen on the fashion runway this season. My hair has a bit of a bend to it, but it’s not really that wavy. Whenever I try to style my hair straight, it looks too fluffy.

Do you have any hairstyling tips to get a smooth straight hairstyle that’s doesn’t look limp or puffy? (Straight to Style— Bozeman, MT)

Dear Straight to Style: Sweetness, you’ve got your styling right— when clothing is soft and feminine, hair needs to be simple and clean to compliment the fashion silhouette without adding unnecessary girlishness that would make the otherwise modern coquette look appear dated and far too cute for a grown-up girl.

A modern pulled-back ponytail is just the answer!

For the Fall – Winter 2007 fashion show, designer Tracy Reese showed beautiful baroque inspired looks with plenty of her signature feminine details, this season including ruffles, flounce skirts, layered tulle, bows, pleats, and metallics which call for a sleek hairstyle to spotlight the clothing details without adding any otherwise distracting elements to the total look. Reese turned to Edris Nichols owner of NY’s Edris Salon and her hair team to create clean, sleek, and modern hairstyles to compliment her strong, yet feminine clothing collection for its fashion show presentation. With inspiration from the 1960’s at the time when hair was no longer stiff and now had movement, Edris created runway hairstyles with “clean lines using a distinctive strong part, and a large bow that sits very low on the neck.”

Edris and her hair styling team used FHI Heat Hot Sauce, the FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000 blow dryer, and the FHI Heat Runway and Platform irons to master the look. FHI Heat was the fashion show’s hair styling team sponsor.

How to-get the modern ponytail look…

Edris’s hairstyling tips for tied-back straight hair:

Hair is divided into 2-inch sections.

A dime-size portion of a heat activated styling product is evenly applied from the scalp to the ends, starting from the nape to the forehead. To avoid hair which looks weighed down, use a styling product that isn’t greasy or oily.

Iron 1-inch sections of the hair at the nape, then at the crown, sides and back. For fine hair, tousle hair dry using a hairdryer to remove moisture. The heat activation of the styling iron makes the hair shiny, not lifeless or dull.

Part the hair down the middle, off center, or on the side to flatter your face shape.

After ironing, pull back the hair as low as possible on the nape and snugly hold the hair together with an elastic band.

As a finishing touch, tie a beautiful silk taffeta bow over the elastic.

Voila, Edris notes, “a strong, modern and soft look which also describes the Tracy Reese type of girl, who is girly and feminine, yet modern and strong.”

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–October 17, 2007

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