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  • Glitz-A-Thon: Holiday houses in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

    Real Santa outside house in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

    You want sparkle? You want lights? You betta go to the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn, New York for some big time Christmas cheer!

    I may be a Brooklyn native but I haven’t personally ventured over to check out the Dyker Heights Christmas lights extravaganza in years.

    We happened to be be in the neighborhood the other day and decided to pop by. Oh My Gawd, it’s majaaaa!!!

    It’s still a city neighborhood, so the house are fairly close together with make the lights even more dramatic. Almost each neighbor outdoes the next in the most incredible Christmas lights and front-of-the-house extravagances. There’s even a house with a live Santa sitting out front with his life-size Santa clone right by his side.

    Christmas decorations in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

    Christmas decorations in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

    Nothing is small. Nothing is subtle. Many of the Christmas theme houses are professionally decorated with the decorating company’s sign planted on the side of lawn– just in case you want call them up to fancy up your home. Some of the houses accept collections for local charities.

    There’s plenty of Frank Sinatra music piped out to the street. You can even hear a chorus or two, of It’s A Small World. The Christmas house of Dyker Heights are truly a holiday must-have guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It’s incredible!

    Photo gallery of the incredible Christmas house lights:

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