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  • What to wear to a Christmas party when it’s cold

    Claudia Schiffer at the British Fashion Awards 2009

    Q:What to wear to a Christmas party when it’s cold

    Is it ok to wear a short-sleeved dress to a Christmas Party even if it is 30 degrees outside?

    I am going to wear a shawl but would like to take it off I don’t want to look so conservative, just be warm. I am a young 40 and it is a corporate Christmas Party. (Via Comcast email)


    Look how Claudia Schiffer dresses up for a cold night

    It can get tricky to look glamorous while not freezing your petunias off. No matter what the occasion is, dressing appropriately for the weather is common sense. Lucky you, it’s a Christmas party and not a red carpet event, when wearing a coat over your designer loaner dress simply ruins the photo op.

    Indeed, your short-sleeved dress may be a bit warmer than sleeveless but it is more about the fabric than sleeve or dress length. The key to looking fabulous at a holiday party and still be warm is to layer up while maintaining a party feel with additions of warmth in dressier fabrics.

    A fabric with a bit of shine like silk, brocade, velvet, a metallic finish, silk charmeuse, sequins, or beading instantly creates a more “dressy feel” than something matte. If you are wearing a matte fabric, add layers that have shine—like a sequin sweater or a satin jacket. An armful of sparkly bracelets, major statement necklace, chandelier earrings, or a jeweled shawl will glam it up in no time. Make an entrance with a faux fur chubby jacket!

    But, what about your legs?

    You’re not going to go barelegged in the freezing cold? If you are wearing a more shapely dress that shows a bit of leg like Claudia Schiffer, pictured here, dark tights and fabulous heels create a more fashion-forward look, while still being warm and edgy. A small envelope bag and sparkly long earrings complete the dressier look.

    Whatever layers you do add, be sure that they work with the outfit as a whole to create an intentionally party look rather than what seems like a fashion afterthought. Have fun!

    Layer up with dressy elements that have a bit of shine to stay warm:

    Solarpix / PR Photos


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