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  • How to dress a curvy derriere… Clothing tips for a bubble butt

    Jennifer Lopez

    Q: My butt sticks out, there, I’ve said it! I’ve got a rockin’ Sir Mix Alot kinda ass on a petite white girl frame. I am 5’3″ with a little extra poundage, pear shaped, a swooping sway back in my lower back, and a ton of junk in my trunk.

    I am trying to find clothing options that accentuate the good things– shapely legs, good pale skin, and excellent cleavage. The full skirts of the season are not very flattering. I love dresses, too. What should I be looking for when I clothes shop so my booty doesn’t look so huge?(Ann Arbor, MI)

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    A:Baby, I got your back so don’t you worry. Mama knows your woe, this butt once caused a traffic jam in Italy… bless those stallions and their love of women with curves.Prior to Jennifer Lopez‘s behind causing the world to get all kooky over a big booty and Beyonce’s bouncesatiousness, the trend was for women with more, how should we say, gentle curves to be the figure of the moment.

    And, that’s what it really is.

    As fashion changes, so does the preferred body type of that moment. Back in 1950’s, women had curves, and plenty to spare. Then the tide changed to skinny minnies, athletic amazons, and a few other shapes du jour thrown in to the figure mix– the body types almost always suiting the fashion silhouettes of that moment proving that every fashion style is not suited for every figure. It’s all about modifying clothing styles to best suit you!

    Learn to love the body type that you’ve got and work with it. Be glad you’re savvy enough to know how to accentuate your other finer features to put your whole curvy figure in balance. A bubble butt can look extremely sexy as with Eva Mendes or Jessica Biel or, altogether humongous dependant about what’s covering it. If your booty is on the jiggly side, opt for an undergarment that holds your tush in a bit, like lycra pantyhose or a Spanx short.

    There’s more behind your back-side action going on then you think. Some slender boy figure babes are slyly boosting their rear ends to get more of a lady hump going. Frederick’sofHollywood’s Premiere Shapewear Bottom Kit is a stylist’s secret to make Red Carpet flatties more humpalacious with a silicone booty insert, booty booster derriere pads and pick-me-up derriere bands.

    Usually, the most difficult part of dressing a larger butt is finding an off-the-rack garment that really knows how to hug your curves in the right way. Pants and skirts that fit your rear just so can have a tendency to gap away at your smaller waist. Attempting to have a belt cinch it all in place creates a lumpy bulge of fabric. The answer to a perfect fit is to find a tailor whom you love. A figure flattering dart that conforms to the slope of your backside suddenly makes even jeans fit more elegantly, and you in turn look super shapely.

    Full skirts can indeed add the appearance of poundage on a bubble butt, but it really depends on the shape of the skirt. A thin waistband with lots of gathering or pleats coming from the waist will make you look wider and disproportionate. But a slightly flared, clean-lined A-line skirt with a natural waist will highlight your shape. It looks best with a shorter jacket that creates fullness at the shoulders for overall figure balance.

    Pants with a fuller, but not baggy, cut from the bottom of your rear to thigh will distract from a big behind than tight leg, figure hugging pants. This does not mean a relaxed fit by any means—highwaist Mom jeans that taper from the thigh make your butt look bigger and you look matronly.

    Tops should hit above the part of your back where your back starts to slope outward. Any shirt or jacket that’s baggy and stops at the fullest part of your hips will only add pounds. A full cut dress, like a trapeze shape, will also “catch’ on to your rear and make you look heavier.

    When you have the confidence to embrace your shape and flaunt your curves like Beyonce or J.Lo, discover how a simple sheath dress in an hourglass cut tailored to you figure can be the most alluring shape of them all.

    Celebrate your figure in style.

    –March 20, 2007

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