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    Clairol Nice N’ Easy Intensive Treatment restores luster and condition

    We all know that wiggle in our walk. That proud of our self ‘cause we look so hot little strut that we get when we’re feeling like we’ve got it all together. The kind of pulled together vibe that we feel when we catch our reflection in a store window, hair blowing, tresses all shiny, looking years more alive and vital, right after a fresh new hairstyle, and some loving color.

    Let’s face it, besides the vibrant shade, the best thing about freshly colored hair, is its amazing shine. New cars have their smell, and newly tinted locks have that silky, glossy, childlike sheen…. that, yeegads, dulls over time.

    Fast-forward a couple wiggly weeks down the pike and our new reflection catches us looking more like Angie from Akron, the great aunt with the ashen Lady Di shorty shag than the hottie we thought we were. Whether it is pricy salon color or at-home dye jobs, before your hair color starts to look nasty, brittle, and dry, it’s time to get some out of the box luster back to your locks.

    Clairol Nice ‘n Easy ColorSeal Weekly Conditioning Gloss is just like the über conditioner that comes in the haircolor box, but it’s been tweaked to an intensive weekly formula to treat and shine colored or highlighted hair with its exclusive ColorSeal complex that seals the hair cuticle, helping your hair from appearing faded, dreary, and dry. One squeeze plus two minutes and you’ve just made your hair look more lustrous for up to six weeks longer. Can’t beat that math.

    –March 14, 2007

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