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  • Can We Talk Prescription Designer Sunglasses a la Joan Rivers and LensCrafters

    Sharon Haver and Joan Rivers

    Joan Rivers has made me laugh since I was old enough to turn on a TV.  

    A true original who told it like it was.

    This week’s 15th Anniversary of FocusOnStyle post look back honors the late, great icon who was still in her prime at 81. —S.H.

    Seeing is believing when it comes to glammed up prescription sunnies…

    Things happen when you are old enough to have grown up laughing along with comedic genius Joan Rivers on TV.

    One day, you start to need glasses, if only to read Heidi Abromowitz‘s little black book (purportedly the size of an encyclopedia).

    Secret: These are actually prescription sunglasses!

    Secret: These are actually prescription sunglasses!

    LensCrafters had a sunnies soiree last month– with special guest Joan Rivers, a self-admitted sunglass whore– to help discover your inner eyewear personality (the “style maven,” the “classic,” the “connoisseur” or the “adventurer”) from a quicky quiz and then to select a glam pair of RX-friendly, multi-tasking designer sunglasses.

    No surprise, I ended up a cross between “the nothing is too good for” The Connoisseur and “nothing comes between you and your Fashion Police” Style Maven, which pointed me in the direction of nabbing a giant pair of Tifffany & Co. tortoise shades that could be turned into prescription designer sunglasses!

    You know I’m a sucker for anything in an orange, red, or turquoise box (wink).

    WATCH: How to select sunglasses for your face shape

    Our uber cool (and talented) art director, the filmmaker Vincent Gagliostro, ended up as a “level-headed traditionalist” Classic with some Ray-Bans that he had tinted a fab shade of noir to wear as his evening eyeglasses.

    Gentlemen, take note: Adding a bit of tint to your lens is a great way to style up without going overboard.

    Now, I’ve been slow on my LensCrafters visit to check my prescription, which I may say was one of the better eye exams that I’ve ever had, but all good things do take time and although I would probably never on my own try prescription sunglasses, I’M SOLD., online since 1999!

    Suddenly, I don’t find myself trying to find some light or switching glasses when I’m attempting to read from my iPhone while on the go.

    And, there’s nothing better to glam up a makeup-free day than with a pair of sunglasses. Now, I can actually read the map to wear I’m going.

    Or as Joan says “Sunglasses add glamour. If women don’t get that they’re wrong. You can be wearing schleppy jeans and a stupid shirt and you put on big glasses and suddenly there’s a little Audrey Hepburn there.”

    Another reason to love Tiffany & Co. sunglasses. More over at

    I can’t resist to add some iconic Joan Rivers bits… enjoy, how can you not?!

    Subbing for Johnny Carson in 1982 (listen for my favorite “Saran Wrap” joke)...


    On the Ed Sullivan Show in 1967…


    “A Piece of Work”

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    Originally published on May 25, 2011

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