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  • Hold tight! Spanx jeans has you covered

    hold tight

    Jeans spotlight week continues with a new entry for a flattering fit, introducing Spanx jeans! That’s right, the sucking in power of Spanx built into a very stylish air of jeans.

    Can you believe that we just passed the last “official”  weekend of summer? I can’t believe that I’m writing this from one of my last days of a mountain view 🙁

    I’ve been spending the month on a workation at my vacation place in Jackson Hole, WY.

    If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’ll see some of my cool outdoorsy snaps.

    The work part of my vacation comes from spending time with FocusOnStyle Team Jackson Hole and my developer editing videos, creating tons of content assets, and building the membership area of my new C’est Chic Crash Course  that will be launching soon.  I’m very proud of  the program and it has been a monumental labor of love to fine-tune a way for you to understand how to finally discover your chic. I hope you join me.

    Jackson is all about being outdoorsy and as far from what you would wear in New York as much as  you can imagine. Can’t get much more down to earth and nature than out here.

    I consider myself very lucky to be able to occasionally escape the city for a chunk of the great outdoors and find a different excitement in both environments.

    But, just like in any kind of style, there is a crossover in how you wear things to suit where you are.

    Jeans, being a top priority to  a very versatile wardrobe.

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    I have to admit there are slim pickings when it comes to shopping out here (although I do manage, but you knew that). There are a few very well-edited stores and the rest are, well, crap (why bother to sell something hideous when it’s just as easy to sell something attractive). I was in the mood to find something new when that incredible something came to me.

    Who knew that the figure-flattering hug of a pair of Spanx could be found in a pair of jeans without sacrificing style?

    Well, now I do. And so should you. Thank you, Spanx jeans!

    The Slim-X Straight Jeans from Spanx  are billed as putting the skinny in the jeans, and it’s true! Their triple thread technology has hidden shaping and stretch for ultimate recovery. Meaning they won’t bag out on you and the styling doesn’t have that creepy, old lady look of many other slimming jeans. Pretty much a win-win. Or slim-slim, as the case may be.

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    Spanx jeans available at

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