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  • Cannes Do Chic: Can’t beat a timeless crisp blue shirt a la Sofia Coppola

    sophia coppola carole bouquet -street people

    It’s that time again… my favorite red carpet. The one where everyone looks so pulled together, so classic, so Cannes Do Chic (click on that for past coverage)!

    Yup, it’s the Cannes Film Festival so let’s get our style sparks going with some inspirational I’ll Have What She’s Having starting with Sophia Coppola‘s crisp blue shirt.

    When you’re looking for a simple, chic, ageless, and E.A.S.Y. way to get out of the house for running around town, the office, or even a film festival photo call, look no further than modeling Sophia’s signature clean and minimal style into your wardrobe.

    Take a look at the snap above of Sophia standing with the French actress Carole Bouquet and you don’t need any extra convincing.  Her signature black pegged Capri pants, black flats, and a clutch finish off the look for effortless evening-ish glam.

    BTW: There are some very nice cropped black pants in a variety of fits at Ann Taylor Loft.

    Need more inspiration? Look at the street style snap in the upper right. Another blue oxford button down shirt paired with some wild fuchsia glasses for spunk.

    Feel free to raid a guy’s closet. I love the look of a soft, worn in boyfriend shirt too.

    I threw in the photo at the top of the black sheath mini as another example of Sophia Coppola’s modern style.

    As many of you from my newsletter know (the place to be to get your FREE copy of Passport to French Chic), I have a few questions about what chic means to you. The response has been overwhelming & I’m brimming with new content and program ideas. If you haven’t shared yet, please let me know your thoughts, here.

    So, are you into a blue shirt? Put your two cents into the comments below.

    I pulled more versions on a theme of a blue button down for your shopping pleasure:


    Required Reading for Instant French Chic:

    Did you ever wonder about where the expression, “I’ll have what she’s having” came from? I split a pastrami sandwich (no bread) with hubby right under its marker the other night… Dill pickles too.

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    Photo: fos.onsugar

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