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  • Cannes Do Chic: How to modernize a full skirt flare dress a la Chiara Mastroianni


    I’ll Have What She’s Having:  A classic flare dress that looks fresh and modern

    From our series of the  best of Cannes Do Chic to help you get it together with ease…

    I love a flare dress.

    Chiara Mastroianni’s (daughter of Catherine Deneauve and Marcello Mastroianni) nonchalent edge modernizes her 50’s silhouette flare dress from Dior.

    The cut boasts a certain timeless grown-up sophistication that works so well with both a curvy figure and for those looking to create a curvy figure. But, it can look old if not styled with the right modern sensibilites.

    Non sequitor little girl trivia time: Truth be told, I had a big childhood crush on Marcello Mastroianni and old Italian movies.  If I was a blonde, I wanted to look like Catherine Deneauve.

    What makes the styling of this dress so modern is Chiara’s minimal and off handed makeup along with pristine straight hair. Anthing more than that would look overly “done” and therefore, aging. ACK.

    Pointy toe pumps with a linear graphic cut counterbalance what can be a too fluffy look to the full skirt and look dated. Double ACK.

    There you go, gorgeous and feminine chic style that you don’t have to overthink.

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    Photo: Dior

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