Cannes Do Chic: Who needs heels? A shoe alternative you should try for summer evenings out

I’ll Have What She’s Having: A smart evening shoe alternative for when you want to dress up? They’re out there…

You’ll never guess what kind of shoes Ines De La Fressange (above) is wearing under that sensational dress, but you’ll want to wear them…

No, not heels. Flats!

Today’s installment of our series of the best of Cannes Do Chic see’s two utterly glamorous actresses walking the red carpet in something many of you may not consider for evenings out. But with inspiration from the red carpets of the Cannes Film Festival, which have become a stable of inspiration, are styling tricks that will help you dress for your world.

How can something so everyday work when trying to pile on the glamour?

When done right, you can make a sandal look just as elegant as any staggering heel.

Carole Bouqet and Ines De La Fressange
Carole Bouqet and Ines De La Fressange

Take a cue from Carole Bouqet (above, left) and Ines De Las Fressange and go for something minimal in a metallic or jewel tone when it’s a formal event and a long dress is more appropriate as you’ll get a break of skin and get to show off a pedicure.

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But when it’s day time (and you aren’t at work), there’s plenty of fun options to perk up any outfit from matte satin sandals to jeweled to printed.

Who ever said that any time you want to dress up you need to opt for heels? And if you don’t believe us, try pairing them with a longer hem like above just for one night.

Your feet will thank us both later.

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